So, I guess I need to apologize

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Post#1 So, I guess I need to apologize
Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:23 pm by jazzfan1971

In the preseason I predicted Denver would be the worst team in the West.

I figured with the loss of Chander and Smith, that this lockout shortened season would be a prime opportunity to tank and get a star player back to fill seats.

But, here you are at the end of the season sitting in 8th place with a very good shot at making the playoffs.

And that's despite trading Nene, injuries to Gallo, and now Harrington tearing a Meniscus. And probably a few more challenges I'm not aware of as I don't follow the Nuggets that closely.

I feel it's quite an achievement that you've done this well considering all the adversity. A long way from tanking the season as I predicted.

So, next year I'm gonna be sure to bump you up a bit in my predictions, you've got a lot of fight on your team.
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Post#2 Re: So, I guess I need to apologize
Tue Apr 10, 2012 5:25 pm by Manimal

No need to apologize, pretty much everyone outside of Denver felt the same way. Well maybe not last place, but I'm pretty sure every 'expert' predicted us to miss the playoffs and finish in the 10-12 range(which could always still happen). And it was pretty much the same immediately after we traded Carmelo, with the Cleveland like doomsday predictions.

I think most people just failed to realize how good some of our core guys like Lawson, Afflalo, Miller, and Harrington really are. And on top of that, how good of a coach Karl actually is (whether Nuggets fans like to believe it or not).

That said, we've definitely been incredibly mediocre the past couple months. I'd like to blame it on Gallo and Nene (when he was here) being out for basically that entire time, but there have still been many instances where we've lost games that we shouldn't have, regardless of who has been injured.

Either way, no matter how the season finishes, I'm not taking a whole lot away from this (Please Use More Appropriate Word) lockout shortened year of hell. Between the short training camp, injuries, trades, crazy schedule, etc...I don't think it's all that indicative of a whole lot, for any team really. The only real thing to take away is the development of Faried, it's the year of the Manimal.

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Post#3 Re: So, I guess I need to apologize
Tue Apr 10, 2012 7:10 pm by Powder Blue

Well if you would have predicted that we would LOSE to the worst teams in the west you would have been spot on.

Everybody didn't expect us to be bad, Mark Stein had us as a sleeper for awhile...too bad we never woke up.
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Post#4 Re: So, I guess I need to apologize
Wed Apr 11, 2012 1:14 am by dropBHOmbs

The crazy part is this team is young. The whole NW division is young and most likely veery good for the forseeable future. This was the year of the injury bug. Nrxt year is going to be very important for thus team
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