tOfficial 2018 Offseason Thread (not too early)

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tOfficial 2018 Offseason Thread (not too early) 

Post#1 » by NinerSickness » Mon May 1, 2017 8:55 am

So since this is a throw-away season whose only point is to wait for a 30-year-old Kirk Cousins to take over the team, I don't see why it's too early to discuss next offseason...

Early, early, early list of potential FAs who could solidify the team (other than Cousins, of course):

Justin Pugh. Interior OL don't typically get franchised.
Tyler Eifert. Always wanted that guy. Wanted him over Reid in 2013. Franchised? Maybe.
Demarcus Lawrence. Buy low. Can't have too many pass rushers, and he wouldn't be insanely expensive. Still need another one, though...

Big needs IMO (besides QB):

*#1 WR
*Huge NT for 1st & 2nd downs
*TE (would be nice to have 2 good ones; and yes, Vance is good)

Hardest problem to solve:

#1 WR. A real one. Don't see a ton of good options. Terrell Pryor, maybe?

One or 2 of those problems might solve themselves with the emergence of a great player who wasn't great before (Aaron Lynch? Marcus Martin? Tank? Kittle? ). But I think CB will be fine.

Hope the team gets a franchise QB in the draft instead of signing Cousins & then breaks the bank on FA. Also, could the team throw a huge curve ball & sign Aldon Smith back, now that He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named is no longer on the team?
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Re: tOfficial 2018 Offseason Thread (not too early) 

Post#2 » by CalamityX12 » Mon May 1, 2017 1:57 pm

Tag perhaps in his future but WR Allen Robinson will be a FA.... WOULD LOVE to bring him here!
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Re: tOfficial 2018 Offseason Thread (not too early) 

Post#3 » by Jikkle » Mon May 1, 2017 3:02 pm

A true #1 WR you're going to have to find in the draft. They just never hit free agency unless they have serious baggage (ala TO) and my guess is that's going to be the the #1 priority in next years draft assuming Cousins is signed.

Marcus Martin was cut and Aaron Lynch while I think he could have the talent to do it is reportedly out of shape again. Tank at least is supposed to be in great shape so not holding my breath but maybe he has a breakout year this year.

If he gets reinstated I would roll the dice on Aldon Smith again but that ship has long sailed. The organization isn't going to want the headache of PR that bringing him back would bring.

They have a 1st, 2 2nds, and 2 3rds so they can really address a lot of holes in next year's draft so I don't think they'll need to dip too heavily into free agency.

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