Sac/Hou/Mem (Gay/Tyreke to Hou, Lin to Sac, Parsons to Mem)

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Post#1 Sac/Hou/Mem (Gay/Tyreke to Hou, Lin to Sac, P
Tue Jan 8, 2013 5:42 pm by becorz

I know this is a very unlikely trade. I was just having fun with the trade machine and want to see what people think.

Memphis Trades:
Rudy Gay

Memphis Receives:
Chandler Parsons
Francisco Garcia
Toney Douglas
Trade Exemption ($7m –ish)

Memphis would solve their luxury tax problem by trading for the best contract in the league, plus expiring contracts. I think the Parsons would fit well with the team and keep them the championship contender that they are. Parsons is a downgrade from Gay, but he is certainly a starter in this league.

Sacramento Trades:
Tyreke Evans
Francisco Garcia

Sacramento Receives:
Jeremy Lin
Carlos Delfino
Cole Aldrich

Sacramento decides that Linsanity might put buts in the seats and chose the trade Tyreke’s uncertain future contract for price certainty. Delfino and his shooting ability would become part of the SF rotation. Ultimately, it comes down to liking Lin and his contract more than Tyreke and what his contract might be.

Houston Trades:
Chandler Parsons
Jeremy Lin
Carlos Delfino
Cole Aldrich
Toney Douglas

Houston Receives:
Rudy Gay
Tyreke Evans

Houston trades a good player on a great contract so that they can get a massive talent upgrade at two positions. Gay is better than Parsons (though I have a feeling people might argue this) on a pure talent level. Tyreke has more pure talent than Lin. Long term, the team has Harden and Tyreke share PG duties. A lineup of Tyreke, Harden, Gay, Asik, and a PF (Morris of Montejunas, as floor spacers) could be deadly. This trade kills Houston’s chances at anything in free agency, but they get a big three that can grow together over the next few years.
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Post#2 Re: Sac/Hou/Mem (Gay/Tyreke to Hou, Lin to Sa
Tue Jan 8, 2013 5:53 pm by LarsV8

Parsons is not a downgrade from Gay. Very easy no, from the Rockets.

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Post#3 Re: Sac/Hou/Mem (Gay/Tyreke to Hou, Lin to Sa
Tue Jan 8, 2013 6:21 pm by jwise44

Man watching Lin shoot the open threes is painful. Watching tyreke shoot those open looks might kill me...he has more potential than lin, but I don't think he fits with harden any better (maybe slightly worse) and correct me if I'm wrong, but he is a free agent next year? Someone will overpay for him

And I would rather parsons than gay at how much he makes. I like gay, though. Isn't he having a terrible year, though? Efficiency-wise. Morey looks at numbers

Also we would lose our depth and capspace next year...our backup wings would be James Anderson and Patrick Beverly...2 d league scrubs.

I see ur thinking, and it isn't a horrible idea because we get 2 great players but I don't think this a Morey move.

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Post#4 Re: Sac/Hou/Mem (Gay/Tyreke to Hou, Lin to Sa
Tue Jan 8, 2013 6:28 pm by zapatasblood

Rather have Parsons over Gay and do not like Evens at all
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Post#5 Re: Sac/Hou/Mem (Gay/Tyreke to Hou, Lin to Sa
Tue Jan 8, 2013 9:05 pm by bibby1023

God, please no

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