Poll: More Trade Value: Dudley/Ellis

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More Trade Value

Dudley (by a lot)
Dudley (by a little)
Ellis (by a little)
Ellis (by a lot)
Total votes: 42

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Re: Poll: More Trade Value: Dudley/Ellis 

Post#21 » by Kerrsed » Sat Jan 19, 2013 5:36 am

mlloyd10 wrote:
Sun Scorched wrote:Ellis is a free agent this offseason. No one is giving anything of value for him.

He's essentially slightly more valuable than an expiring contract.

PO not exactly a UFA

Thats kind of the same thing for most teams. So he can pretty much only be traded to a team he wants to play for, unless a team wants to use him as a $11M expiring, but in that case they still wont be giving up anything of value for him.
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Re: Poll: More Trade Value: Dudley/Ellis 

Post#22 » by FNQ » Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:06 am

I'd say Dudley by a lot right now.

Monta desperately needs to hit FA and get a much needed reality check... Odds are he won't get it, and some desperate team will overpay him, make him a #1/#2 option, and the cycle of suck will start anew..

Dudley OTOH you can plug into most lineups as a fringe starter or 20mpg player, and he'll do pretty well.
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