Milwaukee Bucks Future Draft Pick Summary

Year First Round Second Round
2014OwnOwn; less favorable of TOR 37-60 and SAC 31-55 (via TOR to PHX); TOR 37-60 if SAC 56-60 (via TOR to PHX); LAL (via PHX to MIN)
2015OwnOwn; more favorable of PHX and TOR if not already settled (via MIL swap of PHX for TOR); LAC 31-50
2016OwnOwn; more favorable of LAC 31-55 and BRK if not already settled (via MIL swap of LAC for BRK); more favorable of SAC 31-55 and NOP (via MIL swap of SAC for NOP)
2017OwnOwn; LAC if not already settled

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OT: Bucks vs Suns + pregame & postgame

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Post#1 OT: Bucks vs Suns + pregame & postgame
Mon Jan 7, 2013 11:57 pm by GrandAdmiralDan


The 12-23 Phoenix Suns should be just what the doctor ordered as the Bucks return home in hopes of snapping their disappointing 4 game losing streak.

If you need tickets for this game, let me know. There are great specials I can obtain from my rep with the Bucks.

We'll be at Scooter's on Water at 5:30pm for $1 Miller/Coors/Bud/Schlitz tap pints, $1 rails and free popcorn.
Sector 7 members will be headed to the BC at 6:30pm. Everyone else might stay and have another drink or two if they so choose :)
Game time is 7:00pm

After the game, we'll head back to Scooters for $1 bottles of Miller High Life, MGD, & Miller Lite and $3 Captain Morgan drinks. You can also get a $10 bottomless mug if you feel like enjoying Scooters & Duke's extensive selection of quality tap beers til your heart's content :)

Let's go Bucks!
Nick Van Exel (LAL) on defending the Stockton-Malone pick-and-roll: "Yeah,
I got a way to defend it. Bring a bat to the game and kill one of them."
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