Minnesota Timberwolves Best Individual Seasons (Since 1984-1985)

12013-2014Kevin LovePF36.38.4418.472.476.566.758.2212.514.450.770.4526.10
22011-2012Kevin LovePF39.08.6219.251.915.136.898.3613.382.020.850.5126.04
32003-2004Kevin GarnettPF39.49.8019.650.130.524.495.6713.894.991.462.1724.23
41989-1990Tony CampbellSF38.68.8219.280.110.665.466.945.502.601.350.3823.21
52002-2003Kevin GarnettPF40.59.0618.060.240.874.606.1213.446.041.381.5722.96
61999-2000Kevin GarnettPF40.09.3718.840.371.003.814.9911.804.951.481.5622.93

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Tyreke Evans

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Post#16 Re: Tyreke Evans
Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:49 pm by post0115

I could see it. I think Kahn is a big fan or at least he was a big fan. Back in that draft I think he was almost certain one of Tyreke or Harden would be there at 5/6 and be our future SG. I think he probably had Tyreke in the top 2 or 3 (ahead of both Rubio and Harden). It was awhile ago, but he saw star potential in him once and likely still does. We wouldn't sign him outright, but a sign and trade would definitely be possible.

However, the fit is a major question as already mentioned and he doesn't seem like a player that would fit with Adelman.

Positives: A major talent, can get to the rim, possible future closer (last shot taker), solid defense,

Negatives: Not a good shooter, maturity issues (nothing too bad, but not stellar), possible chucker,

I definitely wouldn't rule out a D-Will, B-Roy (unguaranteed), and Luke package for him.
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