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Blazer @ Wolves

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Post#201 Re: Blazer @ Wolves
Sun Jan 6, 2013 2:59 pm by theGreatRC

No way we let Pek go, if worst comes to worst.. we re-sign him and trade him like what we saw Denver do with Nene.

Adelman will pull for Budinger to get re-signed.

Rubio will have an off-season to get back to himself.

I still think we can make a good run after the all-star break, this team isn't done yet. If we can stay in the playoff hunt until the all-star break, we can have Love back, a healthier Rubio, Budinger and hopefully a new wing player.

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Post#202 Re: Blazer @ Wolves
Sun Jan 6, 2013 4:04 pm by karch34

Klomp wrote:
karch34 wrote: Lee who wasnt nearly as talented was given reign to play through a myriad of mistakes. Don't see DWill getting anything close to that kind of treatment.

Lee HAD to play because we had no one else at SG. At SF/PF along with Williams, we also have Kirilenko and Cunningham who have both outplayed him early this year.

I understand that point, but I think we've overused AK and to an extent Cunningham on minutes. Watching Lee and Barea play through the mistakes because we've got no one else is understandable, but the fact that we have Williams on such a short leash is still frustrating. Not saying he will get better or more consistent, but I think with Love out giving him 5 minutes through 3 quarters isn't the plan.

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