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Rise and Shine: Wolves vs Clippers

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Post#181 Re: Rise and Shine: Wolves vs Clippers
Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:32 am by AQuintus

Mattya wrote:So McLemore or Noel?

Depends. If Adelman's back for another year (or more), then plug in McLemore at the 2. If Adelman's not back, then take Noel, blow up the team (trade Love and Pekovic), and try to go fast-break, run-and-gun built around Rubio, Shved, Noel, whoever we get for Love and Pek, and maybe Williams.

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Post#182 Re: Rise and Shine: Wolves vs Clippers
Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:10 am by Basti

Tirion wrote:
Basti wrote:
Tirion wrote:Adelman being responsible for the majority of personel descisions last offseason - context.
Most of the Wolves roster being injured - context.

According to Kahn's defenders context doesn't matter.
Results do.

This are the results.

Admit that Kahn is an incompetent buffoon, whose job was almost saved by a HOF coach, and I'll admit that he has nothing to do with the injuries.

What? I've always put Kahn's decision into context. It doesn't help his cause that the results don't back it up but that's why I put them into context. Not sure what you're trying to do here.

And sorry the last bit is too stupid for me to answer. Like really. What a ridiculous comparison. As if it changes Kahn's role in regards to the injury whether he's a good GM or the worst person on the planet. Way to show your agenda here. It's like you're not even trying to hide it anymore.

Kahn is a horrible GM.

At least admit it to yourself, even if you're embarrassed to do it here.

You think he's a horrible GM. I think he's an average GM whose overall qualities are dragged down by his complete lack of talent evaluation.

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