Wolves/Rockets 01/19

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Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:19 am by Grits n Gravy

shrink wrote:
cojayar wrote:Gelebale is under contract in Valencia. He has NBA clause and therefore is allowed to be there. As soon as you pay him more than in Valencia he will sign. Some people say he desperately wants a contract until the end of the year in order to be 3 years in the NBA and get the NBA retirement money. So, he will sign for less than a million.

That's really interesting! Thanks for posting that.

I went to a movie last night, and didn't watch the game -- and was shocked to see later that we won. I'm curious if our guards made other players better, or Johnson, Gelabale would have been fine on their own? And how did MIN survive getting zero from their centers, and Cunningham out sick?

We had only five legitimate NBA players in the game -and only one legitimate NBA starter (Kirilenko) until Rubio is healthier!

i think all but two of jelly's points were assisted by rubes and johnson put himself in position to be successful by running the court hard, making himself a target and hustling for rebounds. as i said before i think both are really good compliments to the team especially johnson in contrast to pek a long, bouncy 7 footer...looked a little bit like randy but with a brain and heart.
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