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MLK Day: Wolves at Hawks (*1 PM Tip-Off, No Local TV*)

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Post#261 Re: MLK Day: Wolves at Hawks (*1 PM Tip-Off,
Mon Jan 21, 2013 10:27 pm by cpfsf

C.lupus wrote:I actually liked 'Nique as a color commentator. He didn't do much analysis, mostly just a lot of "that's right" but he didn't detract from the game, either. He comes across as a fan of the game. When the Wolves were playing well he praised them. When the Hawks were playing well he praised them. I can see how people wouldn't like that from a color guy, though.

i know exactly who you were referring to, and i didn't even watch the game. it's a different experience. i'm ok with it.
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Post#262 Re: MLK Day: Wolves at Hawks (*1 PM Tip-Off,
Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:38 pm by Basti

Jukeness wrote:At least they knew enough that that flagarant foul on Dante was a good hard foul.

I still don't like the fact it was called a flagrant foul altogether. Not because I think it helped Atlanta to put the nail in the coffin or anything, I would have disliked the flagrant foul call at any given point in this game. The reason I still dislike it is because Dante absolutely went for the ball/block with no intent to hit Teague at all. Just incredibly bad timing here. You could also see how Dante tried to hold onto Teague once he realized he hit him in a very vulnerable position.

Then again, I see why the NBA is so strict here when it comes to fouls after a player is airborne.

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Post#263 Re: MLK Day: Wolves at Hawks (*1 PM Tip-Off,
Tue Jan 22, 2013 6:31 am by FinnTheHuman

NewWolves wrote:
Dude at least get your numbers straight. It's not that difficult...This season 3pt%

Luke Ridnour: .321%
Derrick Williams: .342%
JJ: .333%


Shved: .315%
AK: .286%
Budinger: .304%
Kevin Love: .217% <------ Get a calculator and try it. THIS is the reason we are last at 3pt this year.

It is because they are guards. You can't pretend like .321% and .333% are not bad just because the rest of the team is even worse. They should have at least something close to .400% with the way Wolves have been playing offense this season. Others are the reason we got bad 3PT% too, but JJ and Luke are also a big part of the problem.

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