Putting Together Rumors (MN-PHI-ATL)

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Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:35 pm by C.lupus

Geaux_Hawks wrote:Is Hawes a target of the Wolves, and could him and Morrow be enough for D Will to be moved? I think Philly, Minny, and Atlanta are good partners for a decent trade to get everyone what they want.

Minny Trades: Williams and Ridnour
Minny Receives: Hawes and Morrow

Philly Trades: Hawes and Turner
Philly Receives: Josh Smith

Hawks Trade: Josh Smith and Morrow
Hawks Receive: Turner, Williams, and Ridnour

From a Hawks perspective, we are looking for a combo of expirings, picks, and young talent for Smith. Me personally, wouldn't mind having Williams and Turner going into the future. Hawes is more like insurance for if Pek leaves.

That's not bad, imo, but I think Williams is more likely to be dealt in the offseason since Love isn't due back for another month.

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