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Taylor and the Lux Tax

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Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:03 pm by Worm Guts

PZiv wrote:
Klomp wrote:
Devilzsidewalk wrote:And only Rubio was a Kahn pick... and Rubio wasn't being talked about being available at 5 for most of the pre-draft prognostications, so who was his REAL target? hmmm

Long and athletic? Obviously it was Thabeet... :lol:

Now that I look at it, he took Jonny, Ty and Ricky. Apparently Minnesota choose to go/was forced to go with the worst option in the end. But again you waste 3! First round picks solely on Point Guards and 4th being used on a SG, how dumb is that?
That draft was good one and Minnesota had 4 picks in first round and 2 second rounders,
Of those 4's in first round, one was a complete bust, one came too late, one was traded and became major player on a possible future contender, and 2 second rounders never saw this league.

We really didn't take 3 PG's, we took 2 and traded a pick. When you think about it though, Jonny Flynn doubly screwed us over. Not only did he suck as the 6th pick, he was the reason we traded the 18th pick and didn't get Ty Lawson.
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