Superfans: Knicks vs. Knicks

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All players in their prime. No coach. Who wins this pickup game.

Poll ended at Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:37 am

Felton, Shump, Melo, Amare, Chandler
Kidd, Prigs, Vak, Sheed, Camby
Mini Woodson all by himself
STFU Stuporman (that'll get him out of hiding)
Total votes: 38

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Re: Superfans: Knicks vs. Knicks 

Post#16 » by Capn'O » Sat Dec 15, 2012 6:21 am


j4remi wrote:Prime Kidd with Sheed and Camby...that's terrifying.

Isn't it, though? As impressive as our first unit is, that second unit for limited spurts could still give it a run for its money. I almost asked now rather than prime (hence the shorter time span). It's an impressive group with a TON of savvy.

JustCame wrote:Replace Prigs with JR..or at least Brewer.

JR doesn't really fit with what I was going for with the second team though. Maybe I put Shump with the old timers (on account of his flattop) and run JR with the athletic nuts. That's just a beastly team. Prime Kidd, Shump, Vak, Sheed, Camby. That's just dirty.
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