Pistons @ Knicks London Home PG Thread

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Post#136 Re: Pistons @ Knicks London Home PG Thread
Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:33 pm by Thugger HBC

Fat Kat wrote:
After Carmelo leads Knicks to win in London, Stoudemire says, "It's Melo's team."

It became Melo's team when he stepped on the court against the Bucks 2 years ago.

Interestingly this was Melo's response.....

Anthony countered with, "It's Jim Dolan's team."

Amare needs to anchor that bench tho, I really dont think he knows how important he can be.
:D Murry is my new hopeful, I'll gladly provide wagon service.

Thugger HBC

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