Eddie Jordan Quotes: A Dummy's Guide for Coaching

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Eddie Jordan Quotes: A Dummy's Guide for Coaching 

Post#1 » by tk76 » Fri Dec 25, 2009 7:09 pm

Q: What is 10 and 39 and defenseless?

A: Eddie Jordan's combined coaching record with DC and Philly over his last 49 games coached. And to think he's being paid by both teams...

This post will be for Eddie Jordan quotes. A compilation of his pearls of widsom. Think of it as a Dummy's Guide to Coaching Basketball... by Eddie Jordan

Todays Entries:

"I remember spending an extraordinary amount of time in training camp with the Wizards on defense and we started out 0-5," Jordan said. "Then we put a little bit more time into offense and we won six in a row."

Our defense is good when Andre [Iguodala] is a major scorer. ... fense.html


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