Official Team USA Soccer Thread

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Re: Official Team USA Soccer Thread 

Post#1461 » by GS Warriors 1 » Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:30 am

Fault Cameron for Vela's goal, he was responsible for closing the space once Vela cut back inside. Nonetheless, great counter attack by Mexico.

Bradley! And he's finally playing good. If Gonzalez was better at heading, he might have a brace. Couple good chances there.
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Re: Official Team USA Soccer Thread 

Post#1462 » by GS Warriors 1 » Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:43 am

Ends 1-1. USA now 3 unbeaten in a row at Azteca (win and 2 draws). USA in 3rd with 8 points and 4 games left.

Yedlin looked better against Aquino than he did Lozano. Cameron and Ream did well. Acosta looked good for not having much experience. Not a Pulisic type of game, got himself in good position at times. Better 2nd half than 1st. I'll take at least 1 at Azteca any time.
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Re: Official Team USA Soccer Thread 

Post#1463 » by shawn_hemp » Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:25 am

Pulisic would definitely like that shot at the end back but he played pretty well IMO

Our offense won a bunch of corners, we really should have done better on some of them.

id like to see CJ Sapong at least get some minutes in these big games. I feel like him and Pulisic could play well off each other
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Re: Official Team USA Soccer Thread 

Post#1464 » by CsBsSoxPhins » Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:10 pm

I actually don't mind the 3-4-3 that we played against Mexico but I would like to see it with our best players in the formation. Slot Brooks into the middle or left of the back 3. Yedlin & Fabian Johnson as the wingbacks. Keep Bradley & Acosta in CM. Pulisic & Nagbe as the right and left wings and whoever is in form as the striker.
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Re: Official Team USA Soccer Thread 

Post#1465 » by and1GS » Mon Jun 12, 2017 5:58 pm

A draw is about as good as we could expect, and the gameplan was clearly to go in and claw out a tight draw. We knew Mexico didn't really need to win this so we packed it in early.

I want to get mad at 35 year old Beasley for even being in this lineup, but the reality of the situation is that with Fabian out we have very few reliable options at that role who can just go out and put in a solid, if unspectacular shift. Add to that our lineup was clearly built to secure 1 point with Arriola as an attacking winger (he usually plays wingback for Tijuana; shakey in defense at times, but great going forward), Wood at ST (high defensive workrate unlike Jozy or Clint) and two CDMs in an already defensive lineup. We had one creative player on the pitch and a bunch of bulldozers.

I think in the future we'll see Arriola take up a wingback spot, but this was all about playing it safe. I just hoped the U.S. would have more talent at this point so we could start aiming higher. We're definitely in a transitional phase, but with Haji, Josh Perez, Puli, Acosta, Miazga, Carter-Vickers and the many young GKs there's definitely hope. Depressing that only 1.5 of those guys is ready to contribute today.
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Re: Official Team USA Soccer Thread 

Post#1466 » by PANDEMONEUM » Mon Jun 12, 2017 9:43 pm

full match, if u want to watch again, or missed it

when i saw the formation,
i was unsure.
then i saw the players selected,
and was very worried about a Beasley + Ream combo
luckily, mexico didnt really attack them.
i felt like they continued to try and force it down the middle,
and lots of times tried to attack Yedlin.

give me
Morris > Arriola
Brooks > Ream
Fabian > Beasley

im a huge fan of Acosta.
i think he works way better with Bradley then other CM/DMs that wev tried.
id still like to see Dax in there.

the ref was not good.

Beasley took a beating, that first foul he took, should have been a yellow, at like 2:28 into the game
then the next challenge on wood, right after, could have been a yellow easy call..replay even shows the ref looking right at it
give those 2 yellow cards, and the game changes, drastically.
he also was calling fouls before they were even happening,
getting tricked plenty by the mexican players going down on light contact.

my general view of team usa,
whenever we play a top team, we must play defensive and counter to score goals.
vs equal or lower teams, we can play as we like.

also, situational results are important.
r we going for a win or a tie.

those things can influence the selections and formation.


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