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Thu Nov 3, 2011 12:36 pm by LittleOzzy

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Raptors Forum Rules: Link


2013-14 Toronto Raptors Trade Ideas Thread: Link
Official thread for hypothetical FA and D-league ideas: Link
Raptors Off-Season Cap Situation: Link
Raptors Re-Branding Thread Index: Link
Summer League Discussion Thread: Link

NCAA Basketball - Canadian Edition: Link
Official Canadians High School Basketball Thread: Link
Raptors Board Poster-of-the-Year Awards Threads: 2014; 2013
Raptors Roll Call Thread: Link


2013-14 Tickets and Memorabilia Thread: Link

Social Media/Multimedia:

Turbozone's Latest Sigs: Link
Please also visit: http://www.turbozone.ca


Your Connection to the Raptors: Link
Valanciunas Watch Thread: Link
Valanciunas Summer Discussions Thread: Link
The Tank Debate Thread: Link
Andrew Wiggins discussion: Link

Toronto Raptors Forum Classics:
(Have been locked to prevent being bumped)

Maytricks Championsip: Link
MS Paint Sam a Playbook: Link
OT: Nude Photos of Greg Oden LEAK: Link
Make Your Own Sam: Link
Photoshop a Triano: Link
Rasho Facts: Link
The Value of Tanking: Link

OT: Basketball:

RealGM Raptors Fantasy Basketball Leagues (Classifieds): Link

Other Toronto Sports:

Toronto Blue Jays: Link
Toronto Maple Leafs: Link
CFL Football Thread: Link
Major League Soccer Thread: Link
Mix Martial Arts/UFC Thread: Link
Toronto Rock Thread: Link

Image RealGM Toronto Raptors Resource Links Image

Raptors Home Page: Link
Raptors News, Blogs & Polls; Link
Raptors Schedule: Link

Raptors Roster: Link
Raptors Opening Day Rosters: Link
Raptors Playoff Rosters: Link
Raptors Training Camp Rosters: Link
Raptors Summer League Rosters: Link

Raptors Statistics (Averages): Link
Raptors Statistics (Individual Games): Link
Raptors Depth Charts: Link

Raptors Awards: Link

Raptors All Star Selections: Link
Raptors Rookie Challenge Selections: Link
Raptors 3-Point Competition Participants: Link
Raptors Dunk Competition Participants: Link
Raptors Skill Competition Participants: Link

Raptors Draft History: Link
Raptors Transaction History: Link

Raptors D-League Assignments: Link
Raptors D-League Call Ups: Link

Image RealGM Toronto Raptors Multimedia Links Image

Raptors Blogs:

From Deep (Michael Grange): Link
Nothin' but Net (Doug Smith): Link
RaptorBlog (Scott Carefoot): Link
T.Jose Caldeford (Chris Black): Link
The Rap (Eric Smith): Link
Courtside (Ryan Wolstat): Link
Dino Nation (James Borbath): Link
The Score (Anas Ahmed): Link
Raptors Notebook (Eric Koreen): Link
Devlin's blog (Matt Devlin): Link
Ulmer's blog (Mike Ulmer): Link
Smith's blog (Eric Smith): Link
Raptors Digest: Link
RaptorsHQ: Link
Raptors Central: Link
Raptor Core: Link
AltRaps: Link
Raptors Republic: Link
The Big Lead: Link
Raptors Talk: Link
Raptors Country: Link
Unofficial DeRozan Website: Link
Searching for '93: Link
Double Dribbling' (podcasts): Link
Heels on Hardwood: Link
Killerbs: Link
Raptors Player: Link
Zan Tabak Herald: Link
In Bad Taste: Link
Raptors Wrap-Up: Link
HipHoopJunkies: Link
Voice of the Red Army: Link
t-dot Sports: Link
Raptors Player: Link

General Basketball Sites:

The BasketBall Jones: Link
Snaptopic (news aggregator): Link
HoopsLife: Link
HoopsAddict: Link
HoopsHype: Link
HoopeDoctors: Link
HoopsVibe: Link
ESPN TrueHoop: Link
Fannnation: Link
HoopsWorld: Link
InsideHoops: Link
SportingNews: Link
FoxSports: Link
CBS Sportsline: Link
CNNSi: Link
NBA ProSports Daily: Link
NBA Yahoo: Link

Basketball Humour Sites:

The Onion: Link
Basketbawful: Link
I Hate the Raptors: Link

Baskettball Statistics Sites:

HoopData: Link
Basketball Reference: Link
Basketball Prospectus: Link
Basketball Statistics: Link
KnickerBlogger: Link
Ken Pomeroy's NCAA stats: Link
StatSheet NCAA stats: Link
Basketball Value: Link
NBA Stuffer: Link
HoopsStats: Link
82games: Link
NBA Hotzones: Link
Count the Basket: Link
Transactions Database: Link
Basketball Geek: Link
Euroleague: Link
FIBA: Link
SuperDB: Link
Doug Stats: Link
HoopsAnalyst: Link
Sports Club Stats: Link
College Hoops Net: Link
NBA Graphs: Link
3 Hoops Fans: Link
FIBA Archives: Link
StatSheet: Link
Queen City Hoops: Link
Hoopdata: Link

Draft Coverage:

DraftXpress: Link
HoopDoctors: Link
NBADraft.net: Link
NBA Mock Draft Database: Link

General/Statistical NBA Blogs:

X's and O's of Basketball: Link
The Secret Weapon: Link
48 Minutes of Hell: Link
BasketBawfull: Link
Free Darko: Link
Hardwood Paroxysm: Link
Hoopinion: Link
Hoopism: Link
Little White Statistics: Link
McFruity on Hoops: Link
NBA Post Up: Link
POunding the Rock: Link
Rebuilding the Kingdom: Link
Rethinking BasketBall: Link
The Hot Hand in Sports: Link
Thunder Guru: Link
XLS Sports: Link
Ready to Slide Rule: Link

Twitter Links:

Toronto Raptors Players/Commentators:
http://www.twitter.com/raptors - Toronto Raptors
https://twitter.com/RaptorsPR - Toronto Raptors PR
http://hoopshype.com/twitter/tag/toronto_raptors - Raptors Twitter Aggregator
http://twitter.com/DeMar_DeRozan - DeMar DeRozan
http://twitter.com/iamamirjohnson - Amir Johnson
http://twitter.com/AndreaBargnani - Andrea Bargnani
https://twitter.com/eddavis32 - Ed Davis
https://twitter.com/Klow7 - Kyle Lowry
https://twitter.com/jvalanciunas - Jonas Valančiūnas
https://twitter.com/josemcalderon8 - Jose Calderon
https://twitter.com/landryfields - Landry Fields
https://twitter.com/QuincyAcy - Quincy Acy
https://twitter.com/T_DotFlight31 - Terrence Ross
http://twitter.com/Alex_Rucker - Alex Rucker
http://twitter.com/dfeschuk - Dave Feschuk
http://www.twitter.com/RaptorsDevlin - Matt Devlin
http://www.twitter.com/Paul__Jones - Paul Jones
http://twitter.com/SmithRaps - Doug Smith (The Star)
http://twitter.com/Eric__Smith - Eric Smith (Fan590)
http://www.twitter.com/gagangandhi - RealGM Raptors Writer
http://twitter.com/michaelgrange - Michael Grange (Globe and Mail)
http://twitter.com/jaysatur - Jay Satur (Community Manager - Toronto Raptors)
http://twitter.com/WolstatSun - Ryan Wolstat ‏(Toronto Sun)
http://twitter.com/timpchisholm - Tim Chisholm (TSN)
http://twitter.com/simmonssteve - Steve Simmons (Toronto Sun)
http://twitter.com/bruce_arthur - Bruce Arthur ‏(National Post)
http://twitter.com/ekoreen - Eric Koreen ‏ (National Post)

Other NBA Players:
https://twitter.com/Dame_Lillard - Damian Lillard
https://twitter.com/HBarnes - Harrison Barnes
https://twitter.com/RealDealBeal23 - Bradley Beal
https://twitter.com/KyrieIrving - Kyrie Irving
https://twitter.com/JHarden13 - James Harden
https://twitter.com/rickyrubio9 - Ricky Rubio
https://twitter.com/MeyersLeonard11 - Meyers Leonard
https://twitter.com/jlamb - Jeremy Lamb
https://twitter.com/TerrenceJones1 -Terrence Jones
https://twitter.com/Trobinson0 - Thomas Robinson
https://twitter.com/dionwaiters3 - Dion Waiters
https://twitter.com/nicholaf44 - Andrew Nicholson
http://www.twitter.com/ReggieEvans30 - Reggie Evans
http://www.twitter.com/Sonny13 - Sonny Weems
http://twitter.com/marcobelinelli - Marco Belinelli
http://twitter.com/chrisbosh - Chris Bosh
http://twitter.com/jarrettjack03 - Jarret Jack
http://twitter.com/13POB13 - Patrick O'Bryant
http://twitter.com/ROYEAZEE - Royal Ivey
http://twitter.com/mogotti2 - Mo Williams
http://twitter.com/nate_robinson - Nate Robinson
http://twitter.com/NBATVGary - Gary Payton
http://twitter.com/cisco32 - Francisco Garcia
http://twitter.com/BASSY31ST - Sebastian Telfair
http://twitter.com/derekfisher - Derek Fisher
http://twitter.com/rickyrubio9 - Ricky Rubio
http://twitter.com/TheReal_KG - Kevin Garnett
http://twitter.com/tysonchandler - Tyson Chandler
http://twitter.com/deandrejordan - DeAndre Jordan
http://twitter.com/jr_smith1 - JR Smith
http://twitter.com/Frenchi27 - Johan Petro
http://twitter.com/eddycurry - Eddy Curry
http://twitter.com/QRich - Quentin Richardson
http://twitter.com/bigdaddywookie - JaVale McGee
http://twitter.com/mikejames7 - Mike James
http://twitter.com/LittleRock02 - Joe Johnson
http://twitter.com/Rashard_Lewis - Rashard Lewis
http://twitter.com/SheldenWilliams - Sheldon Williams
http://twitter.com/t_time24 - Tyrus Thomas
http://twitter.com/SashaVujacic - Sasha Vujacic
http://twitter.com/eegabeeva88 - Robin Lopez
http://twitter.com/Pops44 - Pops Mensah Bonsu
http://twitter.com/matrix31 - Shawn Marion
http://twitter.com/AMP1808 - Anthony Parker
http://twitter.com/DwightHoward - Dwight Howard
http://twitter.com/dwadeofficial - Dwyane Wade
http://twitter.com/tj_ford - TJ Ford
http://twitter.com/CV31 - Charlie Villanueva
http://twitter.com/Amareisreal - Amar'e Stoudemire
http://twitter.com/the_real_nash - Steve Nash
http://twitter.com/jrich23 - Jason Richardson
http://twitter.com/THE_REAL_SHAQ - Shaq
http://twitter.com/JChillin - Josh Childress
http://twitter.com/mopete9 - Morris Peterson
http://twitter.com/KevinDurant35 - Kevin Durant
http://twitter.com/blakegriffin - Blake Griffen
http://twitter.com/MELO_15 - Carmelo Anthony
http://twitter.com/HasheemTheDream - Hasheem Thabeet
http://twitter.com/Oneandonlycp3 - Chris Paul
http://twitter.com/jasonterry31 - Jason Terry
http://twitter.com/StephenCurry30 - Stephen Curry
http://twitter.com/TheRealTWill - Terrence Williams
http://twitter.com/TheJetOnTNT - Kenny Smith
http://twitter.com/ojmayo32 - OJ Mayo
http://twitter.com/NBATVChris - Chris Webber
http://twitter.com/joshhoward5 - Josh Howard
http://twitter.com/REALjasonKapono - Jason Kapono
http://twitter.com/Baron_Davis - Baron Davis
http://twitter.com/jalenrose - Jalen Rose
http://twitter.com/alleniverson - Allen Iverson
http://twitter.com/paulpierce34 - Paul Pierce
http://twitter.com/dgranger33 - Danny Granger
http://twitter.com/RealLamarOdom - Lamar Odom
http://twitter.com/AI9 - Andre Iguodala
http://twitter.com/kevin_love - Kevin Love
http://twitter.com/randyfoye - Randy Foye
http://twitter.com/tariza - trevor ariza
http://twitter.com/rudygay22 - Rudy Gay
http://twitter.com/Real_Ron_Artest - Ron Artest (not sure)
http://twitter.com/96TruwarierQB - Ron Artest
http://twitter.com/JaredDudley619 - Jared Dudley
http://twitter.com/flintstone14 - Charlie Bell
http://twitter.com/russwest44 - Russell Westbrook
http://twitter.com/Rashadsoze7 - Rashad McCants
http://twitter.com/Patty_Mills - Patrick Mills
http://twitter.com/moneymase - Roger Mason Jr
http://twitter.com/obricio7 - Fabricio Oberto
http://twitter.com/DrewGooden - Drew Gooden
http://twitter.com/nickcollison4 - Nick Collison
http://twitter.com/DWRIGHTWAY - Dorrell Wright
http://twitter.com/IAMVinceCarter - Vince Carter
http://twitter.com/m33m - Mike Miller
http://twitter.com/dahntay - Dahntay Jones
http://twitter.com/JMEEKS23 - Jodie Meeks
http://twitter.com/AI9 - Andre Igoudala
http://twitter.com/yungsmoove21 - Thaddeus Young
http://twitter.com/CharlesOakley34 - Charles Oakley
https://twitter.com/ReggieMillerTNT/ - Reggie Miller

NBA Reporters:
http://twitter.com/wojyahoonba - Adrian Wojnarowski
http://twitter.com/sportsguy33 - Bill Simmons (ESPN)
http://twitter.com/johnhollinger - John Hollinger (ESPN)
http://twitter.com/Chris_Broussard - Chris Broussard ‏ (ESPN)
http://twitter.com/swirsk054 - Chuck Swirksy (Bulls Radio)
http://twitter.com/alanhahn - Alan Hahn - (NY Newsday)
http://twitter.com/KDonhoops - Kelly Dwyer(Yahoo)
http://twitter.com/chriscolston - Chris Colston (USA Today)
http://twitter.com/SpearsNBA - Marc J. Spears (Boston Globe)
http://twitter.com/RicBucher - Ric Bucher (ESPN)
http://twitter.com/ChrisMannixSI - Chris Mannix (CNNSI)
http://twitter.com/stephenasmith - Stephen A Smith
http://twitter.com/daldridgetnt - David Aldridge
http://twitter.com/NYPost_Berman - Marc Berman (NY Post)
http://twitter.com/HowardBeckNYT - Howard Beck (New York Times)
http://twitter.com/therealcabbie - Cabbie Richards (TheScore)
http://twitter.com/tim_micallef - Tim Micallef (TheScore)
http://twitter.com/SidSeixeiro - Sid Seixeiro (TheScore)
http://twitter.com/stackmack - Holly MacKenzie (TheScore)
http://twitter.com/jadande - J.A. Adande (ESPN)
http://twitter.com/SI_IanThomsen - Ian Thomsen (CNNSI)
http://twitter.com/STEIN_LINE_HQ - Marc Stein (ESPN)
http://twitter.com/KBerg_CBS - Ken Berger (CBS)
http://twitter.com/FisolaNYDN - Frank Isola (New York Daily News)
http://twitter.com/alanhahn - Alan Hahn (MSG Network)
http://twitter.com/PDcavsinsider - Brian Windhorst (CLE Plains Dealer)
http://twitter.com/chadfordinsider - Chad Ford (ESPN)
http://twitter.com/SamSmithHoops - Sam Smith (Bulls Blog)
https://twitter.com/basketballtalk - Kurt Helin (Basketball Talk NBC sports)
https://twitter.com/stevekylerNBA - Steve Kyler (HoopsWorld)
https://twitter.com/MSteinmetzCSN - Matt Steinmetz (CSNBayArea.com)
https://twitter.com/briancmahoney - Brain Mahoney (NBA Writer)
https://twitter.com/IzzyESPN - Israel Gutierrez (ESPN NBA columnist)
https://twitter.com/dailythunder - Royce Young (NBA Blogger)
https://twitter.com/LarryCoon - Larry Coon (NBA CBA FAQ)
https://twitter.com/Andrew_Perna - Andrew Perna (Editor, RealGM)
https://twitter.com/SHowardCooper - Scott Howard-Cooper (NBA.com writer)
https://twitter.com/jwquick - Jason Quick (Senior writer for The Oregonian in Portland)
https://twitter.com/Ledger_Nets - Colin Stephenson (Star-Ledger)
https://twitter.com/TheRocketGuy - Bill Ingram (HoopsWorld)
https://twitter.com/SebastianPruiti - Sebastian Pruiti (NBAPlaybook.com/Grantland)
https://twitter.com/russbengtson - Russ Bengtson (Slam)
https://twitter.com/JerryZgoda - Jerry Zgoda (Star Tribune)
https://twitter.com/AschNBA - Steve Aschburner (NBA.com writer)
http://twitter.com/mdotbrown - Myles Brown ‏ (SLAM Magazine)
http://twitter.com/JonesOnTheNBA - Nate Jones ‏ (Digital Media and Pro Athlete Marketing)
http://twitter.com/MokeHamilton - Moke Hamilton (Senior NBA Columnist)
http://twitter.com/TheNoLookPass - Rey-Rey (The No Look Pass)
http://twitter.com/paulcoro - Paul Coro (Phoenix Suns beat writer for The Arizona Republic)
http://twitter.com/Mr_Norof - Ethan Norof ‏ (Bleacher Report)
http://twitter.com/aaronbruski - Aaron Bruski (‏NBA Writer for NBC Universal)
http://twitter.com/hasanalanam - Hasan Alanam (Sports editor at Postmedia Network)
http://twitter.com/RoundballMiner - Jeremy Wagner (Denver Nuggets blog)
http://twitter.com/RobMahoney - Rob Mahoney ‏( New York Times. ESPN TrueHoop Network)
http://twitter.com/sam_amick - Sam Amick ‏( SI.com)
http://twitter.com/SamAmicoFSO - Sam Amico (FOX Sports)
‏http://twitter.com/EthanJSkolnick - Ethan J. Skolnick (Palm Beach Post)
http://twitter.com/tomhaberstroh - Tom Haberstroh (ESPN.com Insider)
http://twitter.com/ZachLowe_SI - Zach Lowe (CNNsi.com)
http://twitter.com/JMcDonald_SAEN - Jeff McDonald ‏ (San Antonio Express-News)
http://twitter.com/christomasson - Chris Tomasson (FOX Sports)
http://twitter.com/GoodmanCBS - Jeff Goodman ‏ (CBSSports.com)
http://twitter.com/IraHeatBeat - Ira Winderman (South Florida SunSentinel)
http://twitter.com/EricPincus - Eric Pincus ‏( Senior Writer at HOOPSWORLD)
‏http://twitter.com/Mike_Bresnahan - Mike Bresnahan (Los Angeles Times)
http://twitter.com/langwhitaker - Lang Whitaker (SLAM)
http://twitter.com/RoyceWebb - Royce Webb (ESPN)
http://twitter.com/C_Ramsay - Chris Ramsay ‏(ESPN)
http://twitter.com/kevinarnovitz - Kevin Arnovitz (TrueHoop)
http://twitter.com/sheridanhoops - Chris Sheridan ‏ (SheridanHoops.com)
http://twitter.com/NBATVRick - Rick Kamla (NBA)
http://twitter.com/HPbasketball - Matt Moore (CBSSports.com)
http://twitter.com/KCJHoop - K.C Johnson ‏ (Chicago Tribune)
http://twitter.com/tribjazz - Brian T. Smith ‏ (Salt Lake Tribune)
http://twitter.com/8pts9secs - Jared Wade ‏(Indiana Pacers blog)
http://twitter.com/docktora - Steve Alexander ‏( Rotoworld's Senior NBA Editor)
http://twitter.com/AlexKennedyNBA - Alex Kennedy (HOOPSWORLD)
http://twitter.com/timkawakami - Tim Kawakami ‏ (G-State Mercury News)
http://twitter.com/ArtGarcia92 - Art Garcia ‏(NBA writer)
http://twitter.com/Jonathan_Feigen - Jonathan Feigen ‏( Houston Chronicle)
http://twitter.com/gswscribe - Marcus Thompson ‏( San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune)

NBA General Managers/Owners:

http://twitter.com/dmorey - Daryl Morey (HOU's GM)
http://twitter.com/mcuban - Mark Cuban (DAL's Owner)

NBA Other:

https://twitter.com/NBAOfficial - NBA Official
http://twitter.com/NBAplayers - NBA Players (verified accounts)
https://twitter.com/nbastats - NBA Stats
https://twitter.com/NBASTORE - NBA Store
http://twitter.com/NBAFantasy - NBA Fantasy
http://twitter.com/RealGMcom - RealGM
http://twitter.com/DraftExpress - Draft Express
http://twitter.com/ShamSports - ShamSports
http://twitter.com/TrueHoop - TrueHoop
http://twitter.com/InsideHoops - InsideHoops
http://twitter.com/hoopshype - HoopsHype
http://hoopshype.com/twitter/media.html - Hoopshype tweet aggregator
http://twitter.com/HOOPSWORLD - HoopsWorld
http://twitter.com/BleacherReport - Bleacher Report
http://twitter.com/raptorshq - Raptors HQ
http://twitter.com/Ballislife - Ball is Life
http://twitter.com/Rotoworld_BK - RotoWorld Basketball
http://twitter.com/si_nba - CNNSI.com
http://twitter.com/raptorsrepublic - Raptors Republic
http://twitter.com/scottcarefoot - Scott Carefoot (Raptors Blogfather)
http://twitter.com/jeskeets - J.E Skeets
http://twitter.com/raptorsbuzztap - Raptors Roundup

And a good Twitter list to subscribe to:

Canadian NCAA Players on Twitter:

https://twitter.com/KPangos/ - Kevin Pangos
http://twitter.com/kwiltj - Kyle Wiltjer
http://twitter.com/1mk2 - Myck Kabongo
http://twitter.com/MTLsGift - Khem Birch

We would like to thank everyone that helped put this list together. Without the contributions of many this resource would not be possible. Thank you to the following:

Yuri Vaultin, Rhettmatic, Alfred, Morris_Shatford, terryoh, 5DOM, itbobby007, The Duke, LittleOzzy, YogiStewart, Double Helix, Howard Mass, supersub15 & dagger and others

** The directory will be updated as new threads are created.

If you know of a thread that should be added or find a broken link please PM a Mod.

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Mon Jul 9, 2012 12:06 pm by itbobby007

Updated Twitter sections and removed individual draft threads.

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Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:55 pm by itbobby007

Added new TurboZone Thread.

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Post#4 Re: Raptors Forum Directory & Multimedia
Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:15 am by itbobby007

Added Player Discussions: 2012-2013 section

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