Memphis Grizzlies Future Draft Pick Summary

Year First Round Second Round
2014OwnTo PHL (via CLE)
20151-5, 15-30 Own; 6-14 to CLETo DEN or MEM has right to instead send cash, with additional cash from LAC, to DEN (via NOP to LAC)
20161-5, 15-30 Own; 6-14 to CLE if not already settledTo DAL (initially via DEN); TOR; BOS
20171-5 Own; 6-30 to CLE if not already settled31-35 Own; 36-60 to OKC
20181-5 Own; 6-30 to CLE if not already settledOwn or to OKC if not already settled

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Pera Wants to use Advanced Analytics

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Post#1 Pera Wants to use Advanced Analytics
Mon Nov 5, 2012 12:30 pm by SD2042

http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/20 ... all-right/

Jason Levien remembers the first time he played basketball with Robert Pera. They were in Taiwan. They decided to go to opposite ends of the court to warm up.

"I look down there, and he's throwing it down," said Levien.

Yes, Memphians. Your new Grizzlies owner can dunk.

He's 6-3 and can get off the deck. He looks like he could be starting at forward for Rhodes or CBU. Now he's sitting in a luxury box in FedExForum, talking about his plans for his new NBA team. Someone asks him if he's met any of the Grizzlies players yet.

"I met some, when we came here in March," he said. "But they might have thought I was Heisley's grandson."

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