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Season Wins Losses Win % Wins Losses Win % Wins Losses Win %
2013-2014 44 38 .537 33 19 .635 10 6 .625
2012-2013 29 53 .354 15 37 .288 5 11 .313
2011-2012 20 46 .303 16 32 .333 7 7 .500
2010-2011 23 59 .280 16 36 .308 3 13 .188
2009-2010 26 56 .317 18 34 .346 3 13 .188

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Free tix to tonights game?

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Post#1 Free tix to tonights game?
Fri Feb 22, 2013 6:22 pm by Donkey McDonkerton

My neigbor just gave me two tickets and parking for section 114. He's a season ticket holder...but said he's not feeling well. I live in Rockville, if anyone is close and wants the tickets, let me know.
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Post#2 Re: Free tix to tonights game?
Sat Feb 23, 2013 2:51 pm by dobrojim

as I posted today on my FB page, seems strange to me that the response to my CL ads for
DEN vs for HOU tix was so markedly different. Seems like they are similar teams to me.
I got one seriously lowball offer for my DEN tickets which I declined. I got at least 6 responses
for my HOU tickets before I took the ad down. Beard/Linsanity.
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Post#3 Re: Free tix to tonights game?
Sat Feb 23, 2013 3:38 pm by hands11

I would say it had more to do with the bad taste people had from the two loses plus the strange trade deadline trade. Now they looked good and beat Denver, another playoff team so people are feeling better.

Just a thin skinned traumatized fan base.

As long as Beal, Nene, Okafor, Wall, Trevor A and Webster stay healthy, I think tickets will start to be in more demand.
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