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11986-1987Michael JordanSG40.013.3927.790.150.8010.1611.855.244.602.881.5237.09
22005-2006Kobe BryantSG41.012.2227.162.256.478.7010.245.314.501.840.3835.40
31987-1988Michael JordanSG40.413.0424.370.090.658.8210.495.485.913.161.6034.98
41989-1990Michael JordanSG39.012.6123.951.122.997.238.526.896.332.770.6633.57
52005-2006Allen IversonPG43.111.3225.311.003.109.3811.513.227.391.940.1433.01
61984-1985Bernard KingSF37.512.5623.690.020.187.7510.045.763.711.290.2732.89

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Moving to Prague. Basketball questions

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Post#1 Moving to Prague. Basketball questions
Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:12 pm by Americafkya

Hey all,

Im an American from the NYC area and am moving to Prague to pursue teaching . Im very excited. I love my girlfriend, my dog , but most importantly basketball.

Anyone here Czech? Whats bball like there? I know here I walk to the. Courts and play or go to open gyms. Is bball popular there? What about euro league ball? Do they hVe a team? Any advice will be very helpful

And any thing else about prague as well.
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Post#2 Re: Moving to Prague. Basketball questions
Sat Oct 13, 2012 7:10 am by pohani komarac

basketball is not very popular in czech republic. hockey and football are their main sports. imo basketball there is on rise. they produced good number of prospects in recent years and qualifyed for EB after many years. best club to folow is nymburk wich plays in strong vtb league and eurocup


tough their women basketball is on much higher level
pohani komarac
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