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What if Bosh and Wade signed with CLEVELAND?

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Post#21 Re: What if Bosh and Wade signed with CLEVELA
Sun Nov 18, 2012 9:26 pm by twinthunder3

Then Wade & Bron's kids won't be able to chill that often on the beach.
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Post#22 Re: What if Bosh and Wade signed with CLEVELA
Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:00 pm by TheGarden

they'd still be considered "gay"(not homosexual but buddy-buddy) by people.

The fact that they teamed up is just corny to everyone period that wouldn't change in Cleveland, Brooklyn or Kalamazoo
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Post#23 Re: What if Bosh and Wade signed with CLEVELA
Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:07 pm by Doctor MJ

EGarrett wrote:I'm not too concerned with the cap situation here. I know that there was a deal on the table where the Cavs could've acquired Bosh and Bosh refused, but what if they had been able, and instead of "The Decision," Lebron stayed home and lured Wade and Bosh to be his sidekicks there?

Would you like the Cavs team more than you like the Heat? (or less)

Would you feel it was more acceptable? (if you felt the Decision was unacceptable)

Maybe I'm the wrong guy to ask, but I wouldn't feel any different. Then again, I think the people in an uproar about what went down are all either 1) incredibly silly people or 2) people in Cleveland acting silly for an understandable reason.

Now, as I say that, I am annoyed that the Knicks have been able to sign some major talent. To be clear, I don't have any grudge against the Yankees doing the same thing, but that's because part of the reason players go to the Yankees is that they know it's the best organization around. The Knicks on the other hand were the most inept organization of the past decade, and still players were going there despite not getting any extra money for it. What that meant was simply that some players don't actually think about the game, or what it takes to win, they just want to be in New York. That's annoying.

Full disclosure: I'm an Angeleno Laker fan who isn't bothered by what that team has been able to get by means other than the draft in recent times. Am I hypocrite? Perhaps, but the Lakers are a legendary organization, and it's not like the Clippers have ever shown signs of doing something similar despite playing at the same location.
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Post#24 Re: What if Bosh and Wade signed with CLEVELA
Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:14 pm by bullsnewdynasty

There was zero way for the Cavs to get Bosh and Wade. 100% impossible.
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