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Would the Thunder be even better if they had Harden?

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Post#21 Re: Would the Thunder be even better if they
Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:53 am by reapaman

Well all I care about is who would be better against the heat, Martin or Harden? I'm still going Martin because for all of hardens strengths (and yes he's a better player overall than martin), his lack of mid range shot can be a major liability. The heat are a unique team and have the ability to greatly reduce even the best basket attackers from getting easy shots when driving (although indiana did a good job of it last night against harden). So thats why you saw the number of three point and mid range attempts for him greatly increase while his attacks on the basket greatly decreased from previous rounds and the regular season. You also saw this when houston played miami early this year. For all of Martin's flaws, he can score anyway you want him to including the mid range shot.

I still won't trust harden versus the heat or any team that can find a way to stop him from getting to the paint. Its a huge deal.

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Post#22 Re: Would the Thunder be even better if they
Sat Jan 19, 2013 9:04 am by Durant 35

Well yeah if Harden plays to a good normal level in the finals we likely win that series but we will never truely know...but considering how close all the games were but one..you can make a case.
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