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Mike Budenholzer anyone?

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Mike Budenholzer anyone? 

Post#1 » by fudgie » Wed May 14, 2008 1:19 am

In his first season as the team’s number one assistant coach … now in his 14th overall season with the Spurs and his 12th season as an assistant coach … he and R.C. Buford have enjoyed the longest tenure on the Spurs basketball operations staff (they were both hired by Gregg Popovich in the summer of 1994) … started with the Spurs as the team’s video coordinator … served in that position for two seasons before being named an assistant coach in the summer of 1996 … has served as the head coach of the Spurs summer league squads on numerous occasions … a regular on the basketball clinic and camp circuits … joined Manu Ginobili – and others – for the 2003 NBA Latinos Unidos Tour traveling to Argentina and Brazil … served as an advance scout for Team USA for the 2004 Olympics … a four-year letterman in both basketball and golf at Pomona-Pitzer … named the Outstanding Senior Athlete at Pomona College in 1992–93 … during the 1993–94 season, played professionally in Denmark for the Vejle Basketball Klub, averaging a team-high 27.5 points per game … at that time got his start in coaching, serving as the head coach for two different teams within the Vejle system … his father, Vince, spent 25 years as a high school and college basketball coach in Arizona before retiring in 1997 … the youngest of seven children … a native of Holbrook, Arizona … received his bachelor’s degree in 1993 in politics, philosophy and economics from Pomona College … he and wife, Mary Bet, have four children: William Vincent, Savoia Elizabeth (Libby), Hanna Louise and John Bent. ... index.html

MIAMI — A year ago, in Detroit, tension spiked. Between the fourth and fifth games of the Finals, Gregg Popovich said a few things his staff would still rather not talk about.

Enter his sounding board. Enter someone who knows Popovich's moods and core beliefs better than Popovich knows them. Enter a relatively unknown Spurs assistant named Mike Budenholzer.

As one former player said, Popovich needed that relationship more than any in his locker room.

Budenholzer arrived in San Antonio when Popovich did, in 1994, with an obvious connection. He played at Pomona-Pitzer, the California college where Popovich once coached. He became the Spurs' video coordinator, and that's a position that sounds as impressive as Executive Towel Distributor.

It is, instead, the perfect way to learn. Video coordinators break down as many as 400 games a year, splicing together tendencies and pick-and-roll options and game-ending plays.

Players, media and fans might overlook these worker bees. But Mike Brown, now the coach in Cleveland, started this way, as did Lawrence Frank, the Nets' coach.

Budenholzer held the job for two years until Dave Cowens left the Spurs, and Budenholzer moved to the bench. Then Prunty, with a tie to the former Spurs assistant, Hank Egan, got his chance. He became the assistant video coordinator. ... 7e69f.html

Call it a crash course in Spurs Offense 101 with your professor, Mike Budenholzer.

Budenholzer, the Spurs lead assistant, spent about half an hour after Sunday's practice running relatively new point guard Damon Stoudamire and brand-new forward Kurt Thomas through the Os and Xs of the team's offense. With Matt Bonner and team video coordinator James Borrega filling out the five, the group walked through the offense in the halfcourt, then ran a little full court.

On each possession, Stoudamire would call out a new play, and the group would hustle through the various screens and rolls. Let the record show Budenholzer sweated a bit more than his younger proteges.

By the end of the workout, Budenholzer was huffing and puffing. His pupils, meanwhile, were all smiles. Stoudamire has been with the team since Feb. 6. But with the Spurs' busy playing schedule over that time, this was his first good chance to spend some quality time immersed in the offense. ... _a_10.html

Mike Budenholzer, Spurs
Master of the "last two-minutes" edit, he smoked out Knicks' final possession in decisive fifth game of '99 Finals to help Spurs win ... deo/1.html

He sounds about as qualified as anyone on the market. He's been Pop's right hand man for more than a decade, knows the Spurs offense and defense and has coached the team during preseason games and at least on one occasion when Pop was ejected from a regular season game.

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Post#2 » by LordBaldric » Wed May 14, 2008 1:22 am

It sounds like a brand of beer.
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Post#3 » by Magilla_Gorilla » Wed May 14, 2008 1:22 am

I've been wondering about him for awhile - but he never seems to be mentioned in any national publications.

I think he'd be a good guy to interview - but even in San Antonio we never heard anything about him.
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Post#4 » by lostonbase » Wed May 14, 2008 2:01 am

You had me at Bud.
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Post#5 » by girlygirl » Wed May 14, 2008 2:01 am

Is he even interested in being head coach? I can't remember him ever being mentioned for open jobs...and it seems like he's more than quaified to at least get an interview or two. Maybe he is more comfortable as a lead assistant and isn't looking for the extra pressure of being a head coach?
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Post#6 » by HINrichPolice » Wed May 14, 2008 3:23 pm

More Buden info for those that care... ... 7e69f.html
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Post#7 » by girlygirl » Wed May 14, 2008 3:58 pm

There's a report out today that the Suns are interested in him...but Budenholzer himseld says he hasn't heard yet from the Suns or any other team about being interviewed.

With the Spurs possibly being eliminated this weekend by the Hornets, he might be available to interview quicker than many expected
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Post#8 » by Art Vandelay » Wed May 14, 2008 4:01 pm

I don't understand why you wouldn't interview him if he wanted to be a HC. Anyone that's worked with Pop that long has to have picked up a little somethin-somethin.
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Post#9 » by cark » Wed May 14, 2008 4:26 pm

He's been my pick since Skiles left. I just wonder if he already has a handshake deal to coach the Spurs when Pop retires.

He also may not want to leave the Southwest (Raised in AZ, college in SoCal, and obviously works in TX). That could give Phoenix the edge.
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Post#10 » by Ralphb07 » Wed May 14, 2008 5:14 pm

IMO, I think cuz of Mike Brown, it would have me a little skeptical about Bud. Brown was a guy under Pop and I've never really like Brown as a coach.

It won't hurt to interview him but Thibo,Shaw,Corbin, Curry all interest me more
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