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Player Comparison: Better defender this season Lavine vs. Markkanen?

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Better defender this season

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Hugi Mancura
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Re: Player Comparison: Better defender this season Lavine vs. Markkanen? 

Post#21 » by Hugi Mancura » Mon Aug 12, 2019 10:43 pm

On certain way they are similar as defenders. Both are average man to man defenders, but awful as a help defenders and off the ball defenders. And I don't think they are the defensive key players in Bulls future. Most likely WCJ will take the rim protector job and guard who plays with Lavine will defend the other teams best guard. But would really like to see both improve. With Lauri he should really improve his help defense (not as a rim protector, but as a offensive foul drawer like Ilyasova) and hopefully Lavine can follow his man through screens. But neither are really smart defenders, so they most likely will never be in discussion who will be Bulls best defender. Their job is to shine on offense and not to look like moron's in defense.

So who will be better defender? Well, Lauri maybe because he is bigger and that will cause some problems for shooters.

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