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Expectations for Hutchison and Val: Hutch injured p3

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Re: Expectations for Hutchison and Val: Hutch injured p3 

Post#81 » by Dominater » Mon Sep 9, 2019 9:14 am

Ben Wilson25 wrote:
TheFinishSniper wrote:Ofcourse he is injured. I expect Lauri to be next. Someone will elbow him in eye or nose or something.

We wouldnt be cursed Bulls otherwise.

We’re not cursed. We drafted Jordan and Pippen and won 6 rings in 8 years. It takes at least 30 years of bad luck to get back to average luck.

Any Bulls fan that isn't of legal drinking age, wasn't alive the last time Jordan and pippen played a game for this team. The average team atleast gets to the finals once every 15 years. It's been 21 and the next is nowhere in sight
Didn't like the Coby White pick. Preferred Rui. Now go out and make me look stupid Coby!

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