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Preferred rotation

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Re: Preferred rotation 

Post#41 » by sco » Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:38 pm

ZOMG wrote:
dumbell78 wrote:Some of you guys are really low on total minutes for our core guys. Barring injuries Zach and Lauri should be be over 32 minutes and I can easily see Porter at 35 minutes.

With the amount he moves out there at his size, I'm not sure Lauri's body can take 32+ minutes for 82 games (and possibly more).

Dumbell is right that Zach and Lauri "should" be able to average 32, but neither guy (nor Otto) strikes me a durable guy you want to do that with. I think the question is whether you'd prefer 28-30 mpg for 75 games or 32-34 mpg for 65 games?

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