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Marks: Dunn to receive higher QO because he was deemed a starter

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Re: Marks: Dunn to receive higher QO because he was deemed a starter 

Post#101 » by JohnnyKILLroy » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:06 pm

dougthonus wrote:
He doesn't have the athleticism or length where it's likely he becomes dominant offensively in another way.

But I think the actual premise is disingenuous though. It would imply that everyone that is athletic and long are just the best players. The premise is just too shallow.

Is the quarterback with the strongest arm, the best quarterback in the league? The answer might be yes in alot of cases, Alot of times it isn't. It doesn't negate that it might significantly help alot. Its just not the only reason.

There are alot of allstars who are about as basic a prototype you can get. Non of their major strengths are based on them being overly athletic or overly long.

There are just so many factors that contribute to it. Some are just really smart players. Some are amazing ball handlers. Some just know how to utilize their body very well. Some are extremely clutch.

Alot of young players are just all run and jump. Nothing cerebral about it. That's why for most it takes 2-3 seasons for them to figure it out. Some can figure it out in half a season like Trae Young. Others a little longer like CJ Mcollum.

But that is the thing about prospects. You just dont know till after quite a few years if they are really young. Sometimes you can nail it like when Dallas moved Dennis Smith Jr for KP. On the flip side sometimes it burns you. Like OKC and Sabonis. What happened to them would be like putting Mokoka in a deal and he ends up being an allstar. That's how stunning that was for OKc.

But concerning any Bulls player not just Coby, we always expect perfection and apply it to all our players. If he improves his shooting, then people will start beefing about his assists. Heck Derrick was still polarized despite him winning MVP. Still saying he couldn't shoot or doesnt get enough assists etc leading to his allstar selections and MVP. So go figure that out.

But my feelings are if the Bulls turn this around, there has to be at least one or two home grown stars to emerge. (Homegrown as in drafted)

Out of our drafted #7 specials, Coby might statistically have the worst rookie year of the 3. But he may ultimately be the best player of the 3 by a wide margin.

Nuance AND patience?

You crazy.
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Re: Marks: Dunn to receive higher QO because he was deemed a starter 

Post#102 » by rtblues » Mon Jun 29, 2020 4:54 pm

TeamMan wrote:
rtblues wrote:You've got the patience of a saint Doug! ;-)
I think the point is, as you mention, it won't affect them really either way, or the CAP, so....

I'll answer you 1st because it's simpler.

His answers are impressive and thorough, but hardly patient.

It's a demonstration of his basketball aptitude, so it requires no patience at all, just the above mentioned qualities and the determination to prove a point.

And of course, the board is watching.

Gee, Thanks for explaining it to me, I don't know if I could have otherwise comprehended the exchanges between the two of you without your reply....

However your reply has actually helped me to better understand the exchanges between you and Doug, just not the way you had intended though. Listen, I've followed the NBA and specifically the Bulls, since the Dick Motta era, and had seasons tickets during the first three-peat, and also have followed Doug Thonus' in several of his various incarnations of commentary from podcasts to postings over the years, and frankly I don't really require you to clarify anything Doug says, or why you think he has said it. The man is here and speaks for himself. My post was directed to Doug. I find your latest reply to be unnecessary, defensive, and self-serving. So, now you know my opinion, but please, don't "explain" it to me here.
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