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NBA season 2020-2021.

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NBA season 2020-2021. 

Post#1 » by Jiipee84 » Fri Jul 24, 2020 1:43 pm

COVID19 pandemic situation in USA is very bad as we know.
NBA tries to finish season 2019-2020 in Orlando NBA bubble where playoffs should held starting July 31st.
NHL decided make two bubbles in Canada where Edmonton and Toronto will be hosts.

But if this current COVID19 pandemic won't slow-down or USA's health ministry and health authorities
won't get that pandemic under the control what it will do for 2020-2021 NBA season.

The risk of second COVID19 wave is real and if / when it comes USA will be big troubles
because the harder COVID19 load hits most likely to USA.

So do you seriously believe on that there will be full 82 games NBA season 2020-2021 with normal NBA playoffs ( no Bubbles etc ).
And how about shortened NBA season 2020-2021 lets say about 40+ regular season games and playoffs.

And what you think that should NBA season 2020-2021 be cancelled lets say in December
if COVID 19 situation is as serious what it is now.
Or should NBA play the whole 2020-021 season without audience in front of empty stands

Or would it be better to play all season with a limited audience
so that each person in the audience wears a mask to get in to the match.

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