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What's the plan - Blow-it-up or Maximize?

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Re: What's the plan - Blow-it-up or Maximize? 

Post#61 » by MrFortune3 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 6:55 am

Bulldog23 wrote:Lavine is the weak spot, outside of his ability to other value. He can’t defend, And he doesn’t make many assists. If there is trade out there for him...he should go. But then again...not sure what a average coach can get out of this team and it’s players..I think the Bulls wait it out till AK can see how they play together with an actual coach.

Zach is fine. Nobody is trying to go back to the days of Ron Mercer. He's constantly improving and wants to be here and build something.
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Re: What's the plan - Blow-it-up or Maximize? 

Post#62 » by drosereturn » Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:21 am

nomorezorro wrote:
TheSuzerain wrote:His physical limitations aren't really going anywhere. Poor wingspan with below average vertical explosion. Makes it highly likely he's never going to be a guy getting to the line all that much.

His shooting projects as decent enough but surely not elite.

Similarly, he certainly hasn't shown anything (in college or the pros) to indicate he's going to have above average vision or passing as a guard at the NBA level.

He's fine, but it's pretty obvious he's a bench guard. Yet people here talk about him like he's some sort of pillar of the rebuild.

i straight-up hate analyzing a 20-year old like this

i'm all for tempering expectations, and i don't think you should plan around coby being a needle-moving player. but he's played 65 games in the nba! people get better sometimes!

if your not expecting White to be the pillar of this franchise, whats the point of wasting development time and his contract yr when AK might get something close to the number 7 pick if he gets dealt on draft night?
See, these stance of lets wait chill is why this franchise has been stuck for the past decade. They keep being stuck on these low ceiling projects whether its Payne, Teague , Mc D and keep riding it out and dont care if their trade value plummets until they become out of the league.
Even a garbage player like Payne would have gotten a decent pick from a franchise like Suns who is high on these players.

If I am going to wait 3+ yrs, its not going to be on injury prone, mediocre prospects like White, Carter. These guys are rather high floor low ceiling types which is why you need to throw them away if they dont perform in yr 1. When they are performing worse than yr 1 MPJ when they have several times the sample size, your in big trouble and MPJ was a mere project that costed literally nothing and is now worth more than our entire core probably.
The minimum talent is someone like Gafford who was picked up for free so really no opportunity cost but it needs to be a prospect like Giannis, Hachimura, Bol, MPJ some big projects that has star ceiling. Like busting is ok as long as they dont use a top5 pick and this is the case with Lauri who was viewed as a franchise player until last yr.

The reason why you gamble on high risk high return players is if you net a star, you just need to sign role players to complement. Theres just no point in letting White and Carter rot to be starters and sign them for starter money, your just better off signing several in fa market which is littered with quality players as in Sato and Thad and these guys could be very easily be traded anytime, anywhere. The reason why the Bulls sucked is bc of White and Carter not bc of these veterans who have had a successful career.
Lamelo will be a future superstar Bull. Book it. Lavar for president!
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Re: What's the plan - Blow-it-up or Maximize? 

Post#63 » by rtblues » Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:58 pm

Add a true point guard and give the new management and coach at least until the trade deadline before blowing anything up.
There isn't much to blow up anyway and odds are they'd get worse in the process. I'd like to see AK and the new coach evaluate
what is there and make decisions as the trade deadline approaches. But draft an actual PG, they do NOT have one. A distributor, playmaker is the missing piece to what they do have.

And a wing in the 2nd round, since I have no reason believe that Hutchison is suddenly going to become much more than
what we've seen. He's had chances and didn't show much with those chances, and availability is a skill. I'm not even looking
at him as someone who figures in the long term plans and since Otto doesn't either, get that wing in the 2nd round until a better
option evolves. Whoever they'd get in the 2nd round as a wing player can't be worse than Hutchison.

Plan B is draft the BAP and get a PG in next year's draft, which looks fat, and full of PGs.
"I wouldn’t call it a rebuild; more of a retool.” - Gar Forman, June 2016
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Re: What's the plan - Blow-it-up or Maximize? 

Post#64 » by League Circles » Wed Sep 16, 2020 9:46 pm

The notion of blowing up a team is so preposterously vague I can't even understand why it's discussed so often.

Team building is not that complicated. you look for ways to improve unless you are actively trying to tank which is now very dumb with the new draft odds.

whether a team should make a bunch of trades or mostly stand Pat is a specific question relating to exactly what they are being offered for various packages. It is not a general question that can be answered in a general way at a given point in time. streetwear & sneakers

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