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Nikola Vučević discussion thread

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Re: Nikola Vučević discussion thread 

Post#61 » by bledredwine » Wed Apr 7, 2021 10:27 pm

HomoSapien wrote:
ZOMG wrote:
HomoSapien wrote:
He shot 48% from the field and went 4/7 from downtown. I'm not sure how anyone who watched that game could walk away with the analysis that he was atrocious.

Of course Vuc wasn't atrocious, but at that volume, it starts to matter how many shots you miss. Not exactly like shoooting 7/15 or something.

Anyway, hopefully this was an outlier, with the Pacers being so depleted

The one thing surprising about Vuc is that he doesn't really get to the free-throw line much. Hopefully that's a facet he can still add to his game.

That said, if someone's giving you 32 points on good shooting, it's hard for me to understand why you'd say it was atrocious (although, you then said he wasn't atrocious, so I'm not sure what exactly your criticism is). The number of shots missed don't really matter if the overall shooting percentage is at least on par or better than what we shoot as a team. In this game Vuc shot better than the team (although Zach primarily dragged down the rest of the team's FG%). The days of equal opportunity offense are over IMO. This is Vuc and Zach's team now, so the offense is going to be designed to get them the most shots and that also gives us the best chance to win games.

I’ve noticed this as well. I think that it’s partially due to his game being finess and space-oriented. He doesn’t seem like the type to force anything. Even his aggressive post-ups are controlled. That might be why.

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