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OT: Boxing Paul vs. Askren Tonight

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Re: OT: Boxing Paul vs. Askren Tonight 

Post#41 » by madvillian » Tue Jun 8, 2021 7:45 pm

LateNight wrote:I'm not a fan of the Paul brothers, and this wasn't a high level fight - but even so, the kid should be proud of himself for sparring 8 rounds with (arguably) one of the greatest boxers ever and not dying.

I agree but this is just bad for boxing. The attraction of these "celeb" fights has already lost its luster. The production I thought was pretty bad all around. The undercards weren't great, the commentators made it feel like a WWE event and so on.
dumbell78 wrote:Random comment....Mikal Bridges stroke is dripping right now in summer league. Carry on.

I'll go ahead and make a sig bet that Mikal is better by RPM this year than Zach.
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Re: OT: Boxing Paul vs. Askren Tonight 

Post#42 » by Michael Jackson » Tue Jun 8, 2021 9:51 pm

fleet wrote:
Michael Jackson wrote:
dougthonus wrote:Figured I'd throw this in here because it wasn't worth starting a new thread, but pretty funny seeing Logan Paul fight Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather looks like he's an expert in these exhibitions at clearly winning but carrying guys long enough that they don't embarrass themselves. He had it right when he said easy money for him.

The video floating around on twitter where it looks like he just knocked out Paul but then leans in and holds him up until he recovers instead of going in for the kill is pretty hilarious.

He isn’t called Money because he doesn’t know how to make a payday work. I didn’t see it but all the reports of him carrying the fight make sense. It’s a good second career for the greatest technical fighter we may ever see. Boring if you aren’t a fan but if you love the sweet science and not just Tyson knockouts he is something to watch for sure.

Aside from Jordan highlights, nothing in sports is as breathtaking as young Tyson knockout reels. Roided Bonds maybe. The speed power and accuracy at once, and the flurry of clean and determined combinations is astonishing. The raw explosion of it all unleashing from his body was incredible. The way his punches started from his shoes up through his core delivered with precision with purpose in specific areas to damage has never been done before or since. Jordan had the same unique force of nature. But only those 2 or 3 guys.

There is no doubt watching Mike is jaw dropping. It wasn't the best boxing, but surely the most fun. His hand speed and power were unmatched... that being said though good fighters even in his prime would have faired better. Ali wouldn't have been intimidated, just like we saw with Holyfield. Ali wasn't available though and Mike destroyed whatever they threw at him, no fault of his own. There is no way to predict how he does against the aTG's in his prime because there are a lot of factors. 11 good score and he beats Ali for sure, but does Ali give up that hit? Mike also didn't like getting hit himself and that could have thrown off his dominance against a guy like Ali... Oh in the fictional world that may be the thing I most would have wanted to see.

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