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PG: That's a wrap

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Re: PG: That's a wrap 

Post#101 » by Mk0 » Fri Apr 30, 2021 3:41 am

Devinpo wrote:
WindyCityBorn wrote:
ImSlower wrote:I would like to have another 7th pick as opposed to not having a pick.

I’d rather have Vuc. Period.

Idk why people are so big on pics especially if they are gonna be dead weight like Wendell or lauri. These picks are like lottery tickets people are blindly hoping to cash in on. I would rather have a sure thing over a guy who will most likely never be an all star

It is the same reason everyone loves the backup QB. It is the wildcard that could solve everything.

I like Vuc and I am glad we got him. It is a shame AK waited (or Orlando waited) until the trade dealine to pull the trigger because I think we are in the play-in if that trade happens 8 or so games before we entered that brutal stretch of games.. which of course led to us losing Zach for what feels like forever.

For now I figure we are heading for the lotto but I am not stressing it, my gut feeling is that we keep the pick. Don't know why but I do.
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Re: PG: That's a wrap 

Post#102 » by Stratmaster » Fri Apr 30, 2021 1:04 pm

ImSlower wrote:I understand, fellows, I should have quoted our Finish friend when he said he'd rather not have a pick than pick another #7, as if the frustration of having a player disappoint is worse than not even having a top 10 pick. Was just being as flippant as that line.

I realize that as of right now, with as atrocious as the Bulls have looked since, I'd assume 90+% of Bulls fans would hindsight-cancel the trade.
No. 90% of Bulls fans don't want the number 7 pick instead of Vuc. Especially since 70% of Bulls fans pay no attention to and have no understanding of salary caps and structures.

I don't think even 50% of RealGM posters, a few of whom actually know what the **** they are talking about, want the 7th pick over Vuc. The few that do don't have that opinion because they think they will get a better player with the 7 pick. They believe without Vuc there would be more future flexibility. They prefer the hypothetical to reality.

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