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Lauri appreciation thread - Bye GarPax era

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Re: Lauri appreciation thread - Bye GarPax era 

Post#161 » by dougthonus » Sat Sep 11, 2021 6:16 pm

coldfish wrote:I thought I read that the Bulls wanted Aminu off the books and the Derozan trade offered that opportunity.

When you look at the Bulls monetary outlays for this season, its well spent money. Only really Coby sticks out as a misuse of funds. I think this was a big part of their plan. Use a pick to dump salary and then get a pick and no salary for Lauri.

If it was Aminu swapped in for Lauri, then the choice was:

DJJ + Portland pick + Cleveland 2nd
Aminu + Their pick

I don't think one of those packages is clearly better than the other. The Bulls pick has lesser protection and has a chance of being a better pick. It also ties up your flexibility to make a huge multipick offer for a star which might prove important down the road. The Portland pick is interesting because it probably projects to come in at 15-18 this year so it has more value in time value of hitting sooner if it conveys there. There is some significant risk with that selection if Portland ends up blowing it up (and they barely made the playoffs last year).

DJJ is a better than Aminu this year unless Aminu has a major turnaround but is still a fringe rotation player and doesn't really bring anything unique to the team that is a huge upgrade.

The Cleveland 2nd is meh, like all 2nds, but maybe a nice hedge if the Bulls lose a 2nd in tampering or just as a minor asset for later.

All in all, I could see desiring either of those packages more than the other. - links to the bullsbeat podcast
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Re: Lauri appreciation thread - Bye GarPax era 

Post#162 » by kodo » Sun Sep 12, 2021 8:57 pm

GoBlue72391 wrote:...
Remember how terrible he looked under Boylen when he was used as a floor spacer? Players play better when they're utilized properly, who would have thunk it?

He looked better under Boylen & Donovan, who reduced his role.

He was the worst when doing things like bringing the ball up, initiating the offense, and trying to attack the basket with this awful "drag step" move which was just a contested fadeaway instead of a layup or dunk.

First 2 seasons his TS% scoring efficiency was 55% both years, which is below league average (57.2%). His offensive rating was 107 both years.

Boylen narrowed his role to mainly a spot up shooter, his efficiency went up slightly to 56%. His offensive rating went up to 108. Slight improvements. Donovan narrowed his role the most, and his efficiency skyrocketed to 62% and his offensive rating 115.

Narrowing his role and focusing Markkanen on what he is, a spot up shooter, improved his value. He wouldn't be looking at $17M a year if he was just a 34% 7 footer who can't handle the ball or play defense.

One criticism that is valid about how Lauri was used is that both coaches could have got him the ball under the basket more for easy dunks and layups, but every team could use more easy dunks & layups if it was that easy everyone would be doing it every possession.

I thought this version of Lauri under Billy was the best version we've seen of Lauri, a catch & shoot specialist. Most of this season I was advocating we can't get a better PF for $15M or under, if we could agree on that contract, and wanted to keep him. I wouldn't be excited about a Lauri posting up or handling the ball or trying to be a playmaker and taking those possessions away from other players who are clearly better at that.
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Re: Lauri appreciation thread - Bye GarPax era 

Post#163 » by sco » Thu Sep 16, 2021 7:29 pm


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