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Ryan Arcidiacono?

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Re: Ryan Arcidiacono? 

Post#41 » by Wingy » Wed Sep 15, 2021 1:31 am

Hold That wrote:
Wingy wrote:
Hold That wrote:If Ryan didnt look like an all American hockey player. Nobody on this board would care where he ended up.

If it wasn’t so inflammatory...oh what the heck. Let’s be honest:

A lot of white privilege for a guy with Arci’s lack of NBA-level talent to stick so long, and actually get run, and be liked by fans for being the good ole underdog.

There’s some privilege there but I felt he stuck because he was a good lockeroom guy, hustled, and handsome as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if Paxson oddly saw a lot of himself in Ryan. He was definitely a front office favorite.

AK isn’t american born and I doubt Mark Eversley gives a damn about Ryan which is why he’s looking for work.

I mention looks because anyone who’s worked in the workforce knows being attractive and personable can keep you around longer than what you deserve. If Ryan looked like Rusty LaRue he’d been off the team 2 seasons ago.

There are tons of good locker room guys that hustle, have more talent, and never even sniff the sort of chance & money Arci got.

You could be on to something w/Pax seeing some of himself...but then again, there’s a lot of privilege in him holding the job in the first place.

Not sure Arci is some heart throb, but you’re right...looking like a goof ball, or ugly af wouldn’t have helped his cause.
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Re: Ryan Arcidiacono? 

Post#42 » by WindyCityBorn » Wed Sep 15, 2021 2:52 am

We have enough midgets. NBA wise.

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