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Tony LaRussa

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Tony LaRussa 

Post#1 » by transplant » Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:38 pm

My initial reaction was NFW, but my view has moderated some. Despite the fact that I'm 66 years old, being honest, my initial reaction was at least in part ageist. LaRussa's 76 years old and I have to admit that this is a lot older than I want as my manager.

This said, I have a serious problem with those who claim that LaRussa would have a problem with embracing the elevated status of analytics in the game. I find this the height of irony. La Russa was the first successful MLB manager to pour over computer printouts before each game. He wasn't simply a user of analytics, he was a pioneer at developing baseball analytics. He knew what he didn't know but wanted to know and worked with the computer geeks to develop reports that would make him a smarter manager. I now view LaRussa as a legit out-of-the-box candidate.

My biggest problem with LaRussa is that he hasn't managed in over a decade. Yes, he's stayed involved in the game, but can he successfully relate to today's players?

I think I'd still rather have AJ Hinch, but I'd be OK with LaRussa.
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