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few white sox prospects worth looking at

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few white sox prospects worth looking at 

Post#1 » by ntorvik » Thu May 19, 2011 2:27 pm

Couldn't find the White Sox forum on here, but just found it, after posting in the general MLB discussion, oops! Just copying and pasting my previous text so I don't have to type it again. I know I've been watching Viciedo for a bit to see if he could in some way help the club. He has the bat, but obviously, if you're looking at him from a DH standpoint, he can't take Dunn's spot with the money they have in him. Not sure the outfield would be a good fit for him right now either. The other two guys in this article:
look kind of iffy. Jordan Danks (brother of John Danks, whom I didn't even know had a brother) just doesn't look consistent enough to take the center field spot and Tyler Flowers (whom I've looked at before) just doesn't have the defense!
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Re: few white sox prospects worth looking at 

Post#2 » by Shootdabull » Tue May 24, 2011 6:47 pm

I could not connect on the link.

The system has been bad under Kenny as he is more of a win now than build for the future type of gm. I don't see much immediate help maybe Viciedo who i think will be a good hitter. Jordan Danks has a long way to go. His numbers are better this year, but remember Charlott is a hitters park. He strikes out a lot. His strike rate has finally dipped below 30% but there is still lots of room for improvement. If the sox brought him up look for a lot of whiffs. Tyler Flowers has failed to impressed as he hit .220 in the minors last year and is doing a little better this year at .260. He looked like a good prospect a couple of years back so maybe he can get back there but I'm not counting on it. Keep your eye on Addison Reed in A ball.

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