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2011-2012 off season

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2011-2012 off season 

Post#1 » by Shootdabull » Mon Nov 7, 2011 4:02 pm

Well the off season is off to and interesting start with the wizard of Oz leaving for warmer pastures and JR bringing in Robin Ventura to manage the team. The move is in line with JR cost cutting approach to managers. Seems like an odd choice to me but we shall have to wait and see on this on this move.

Free Agents = Buehrle, Pierre, Castro & Vizquel

The infield looks like Konerko; Beckham; Ramirez; Morel and AJ with Flowers and Lillibridge as the main backups. The infield as a group is light on hitting and power. Potential moves may involve AJ and then moving Flowers over to start and bringing back Castro. While this would bring in some youth and a better arm to throw out runners it would leave a big question mark as to whether Flowers can hit. The other cost cutting move would be Pauly. I think this group needs his bat to much to move him out and Viciedo in. This group could use some upgrading.

The Outfield looks like Rios; Quentin and De Aza. Hopefully De Aza can show the end of last year was not fluke, which would more than make up for the loss of Pierre. Viciedo can fill in Quentin when he eventually hits the dl. This group really needs Rios to earn his paycheck. Otherwise it reverts back to a below average outfield. My guess on the potential move here is Quentin as I don’t think there would be any takers for Rios. Viciedo can replace his glove and possibly power numbers.

DH – Looks like Dunn & Viciedo. Dunn needs major rebound this year. His performance last year makes him difficult to move.

Starters: Looks like Danks; Humber; Peavy; Sale; Floyd with Stewart or Axelrod ready to pick up when Peavy ultimately goes down. Rumors are sox may look to trade Danks & or Floyd. I hope the keep and resign Danks as I think he as has the best arm in the group, that is unless Peavy can return to form. The starting pitching still looks pretty good without Buehrle and I expect a good year out Sale.

Pen: Santos; Thornton; Reed; Crain; Frazier form a decent pen I don’t expect a lot of movement here.

Kenny has his work cut out for him this winter. He is cutting several big paychecks with little return. I expect we will shed some payroll expense which will result in a mediocre team similar to this year.

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