Congrats on getting Dilson Herrera & Max Wotell

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Congrats on getting Dilson Herrera & Max Wotell 

Post#1 » by Luv those Knicks » Mon Aug 1, 2016 10:58 pm

for Jay Bruce.

Herrera's a nifty prospect who's technically no longer prospect eligible. He flirted with top 100 status in 2014 before he lost his eligibility last year. He was called up to the majors in 2014, at the time, very young, when Daniel Murphy went on the 15 day DL and was thought that he might be out for the year. The mets were out of the race at that point so they gave DIlson an early call to the majors and a look. For his age, he held his own OK, but Murphy came back and his playing time was limited after that.

2015 he got a similar injury call early in the year (David Wright I think, Murphy moved to 3rd, DIlson at 2nd) and his numbers were similar to 2014, which for a 2nd year in the majors was a little disapointing. Mets fans were hoping for an improvement but he was still young. He later got injured and spent a month or so on the DL and his rookie status was over at that point. He hit well in AAA though.

This year he's battled the occasional injury, shown some power but had disapointing numbers in AAA overall, especially considering it's Vegas, the biggest hitters park in the PCL, but the potential is still there and it's possible he's tired of AAA and really wants to see majors. The tools are there. He's got the speed and range and quick reflexes to be a plus 2nd baseman (but his arm is a little weak for SS, so, that's probalby not a great idea, but perhaps in an emergency.). He's got quick hands and some pop in his bat and he could be an above average 2nd baseman in MLB if everytihng clicks. He's a nice return, make no mistake. I'd have preferred to keep him, but the mets have to try to win now, so I get why they made this move.

As far as Wotell, he's an interesting HS arm taken in the 3rd round last year at a slight overslot and he's looked good so far. I think he's a 2nd round pick tallent right now, but still 19 and far away. Should see low A next year. MLB ranks him as your #22 prospect right now and had him somewhere around 17-19 for us (I don't remember). He's a nice throw in.

Not sure if anyone comes to this board, but I wanted to say that you did well, you got a potential MLB starter and a nice young lefty prospect.
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