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Prospect Watch: Whitley, Tucker & more

Posted: Fri Nov 3, 2017 12:39 pm
by Mr. E
The majority of the major talent of the Houston Astros comes from the farm system. The acquisition of talent over the dark years has led to a team led by homegrown talents like Altuve, Correa, Keuchel, Bregman & World Series MVP George Springer.

But there is more talent in the pipeline...

The Astros have a top pitching prospect in the 6'7" Forrest Whitley and a top ten everyday prospect in Kyle Tucker. They have guys like Frances Martes & the Good Derek Fisher looking for more time.

A lot of people wanted Jeff Luhnow to gut the farm to bring in Verlander, who was eventually acquired for a pretty penny, but he deftly held on to much of the talent the team acquired through the one, true "Process."

Who steps up next for the Astros? I expect Martes & Fisher to be on the roster at the start of next season. Maybe late season callups for Whitley & Tucker. Who knows, though...they could really impress early on. That seems to be the new Astros Way.

Posted: Fri Nov 3, 2017 1:27 pm
by RaoulDuke79
One area I'd like to see them focus on improving is the bullpen. I'd like to see us acquire a true closer to push Giles back to the set up role where I think he's a better fit. He just doesn't seem to have the mentality to be a closer, IMO.

I've seen some folks suggesting Morton assuming that role, which is intriguing. I think he'd be great there, assuming we have enough depth in the rotation to use him out of the pen instead. With Verlander/Keuchel/McCullers/McHugh/Peacock and other potential arms like Martes, I could see that being a possibility if they don't sign a top tier closer in FA.