Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas! 

Post#1 » by Neddy » Sun Dec 25, 2016 6:26 am

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa to everyone!
I know there are only like 5 of us in here but still this is our dodger home. wish you all Merry and Happy times and to have great things happen to you guys in 2017! and.... I thought I wanted to say something to everyone (well at least the regulars I do remember at this moment) so here it goes...

to Kilroy,

thanks for being the Mod. from what I remember you reside in Texas, and is from UCSB as Quake and as old as I am if not more. due to being a baseball addict who is going through a major withdrawl symptoms right now, I ended up watching the entirety of the 1988 World Series game 1 again, pitch by pitch, on Youtube just the other night. didn't realize how terrible some of those TV commercials were (especially the GM ones), and how much more polite polical commercials were back then. Leary was so underrated, and Hatcher's homerun in the bottom of the first was still thrilling, and of course the ending is always the best of all times. I thought you might appreciate Vin's game ending line of "in a year that was so improbable, the impossible has happened" well my friend, hope to hang another banner next year, and many more in the future.

to Ranma,

thanks for being a great information officer of this forum. you surely are one of the most helpful posters I have ever seen over the years talking baseball, and to provide your services in this little dinky, 5 men forum(until very recently, a 4 men forum), I am so grateful. you are a very insightful person and love talking baseball with you. we often agree, and often disagree. we can have views that are completely opposite, even remind each other of fallacy we create and dismiss ( by that I mean mostly what I create and you point out) as well as adding to our collective understanding of the game we all love and cherish. but most of all, I appreciate you for never taking our disagreements to a personal arguement. it is always about the topic and never about the poster. thank you for that, my friend.
as I was already saying, while I was watching that 1988 WS game 1, I often wondered what you would have thought about how Mike Scioscia approached the game calling. I have my opinions, but if you ever get around to watch it yourself, I would love to debate it with you, as we usually do. maybe you have a photographic memory from when it happened actually, then yeah let's do this!
more than anything tho, you are a good friend. thank you for everything. one of these days when I come back to LA to visit my parents, would love to sit down with you and share some fine EtOH.

to Quake,

man you remind me of where I was in life about 15-20 years ago, and proud of how far and how much you are achieving with your life. but I am sure, as a proud, your own man that you are, you aren't about getting flattered with compliments from somebody you know from online sports forum. you are a very unique individual, my man. still would love to sit down with your old man and talk about the old alma mater too. I'm sure you are busy building your career in your parts of the woods, but you are single, you can make time to the game thread more often!
I appreciate your strong willed opinions that are always backed with substance. you are a bright young man and will go far in life. love talking baseball with you as I do with Ranma and Kilroy too, but you bring that spice, a bit of a flavor to this forum. thank you for that. you may have done so already but if you haven't, one of these days when you are home alone, and no work or social engagement planned, get a bottle of decent wine and watch the 1988 WS game 1. man I have to tell ya, it will be the most dramatic baseball game you will ever watch. I am only saying this because from what I remember, you are still in your 20s and that would mean you were not around when the actual game had happened. if you did watch it in person or have seen its recording already, my apologies. would love to hear your take on the game.


appreciate you joining us, the realGM dodger forum isn't exacty a prolific baseball discussion board and having you on board increased our regular members by a good margin. hope to hear from you often and can't wait to have you still be here with the rest of us when we finally win one in this new century/millenium. I already plan to build me a flag pole at my office with a dodger championship banner when we do, as my neighbor across the street from my office is a huge giants fan who has been rubbing it in for a very long time now.

again, Merry Christmas, everyone!!!!

PS- as far as I know, only Ranma lives in LA and maybe AGAVE too, but Kilroy is in Texas, Quake in Wisconsin, and myself in Oregon. it will be a very difficult task but if we can ever get together, the drinks are on me, fellas!
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Merry Christmas One and All! 

Post#2 » by Ranma » Sun Dec 25, 2016 7:35 am

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Re: Merry Christmas! 

Post#3 » by Kilroy » Thu Jan 5, 2017 5:15 pm

Thanks Neddy, and I hope everyone had happy hollidays... I took a well needed break from real gm for the week. So I apologize for missing this...
That 88 Series was something else... I was just happy we made it to the Series, I thought we had no chance to win it... When we did, I was literally in shock... I walked around in a daze for a day or 2... Even as a addled 15yo...
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