Trade Ideas (Part III)

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Re: Trade Ideas (Part III) 

Post#1721 » by jbk1234 » Fri Jun 11, 2021 3:42 am

Stillwater wrote:
jbk1234 wrote:
Stillwater wrote:I guess. I mean I dont think when Noel is paid what he is and is there right behind Gobert for blocks on the season with 7 others in between them and JFro you can call him an elite rim protector. border line but not enough to pay him 100mil i dont think not without expanding his range or becoming more of a focus offensively or something which although possible is far less likely than sign & trading him picking up a backup pg and using the mid first they get for him then drafting Isaiah Todd to become that rim protector but coming into the league as a 6'11' shooter etc.
There's really no comparison between Gobert and Noel.

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yeah one is durable and the other is not but outside that what is the difference as rim protectors ?So you just agreed that JFro is worth Noel $ but is somewhat more durable but he is not at all worth Gobert $ thanks
The key difference is one is the DPOY and the other guy is a career backup. I do expect Noel to get MLE money this summer. It's mathematically impossible for Allen to get Gobert money.

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It is highly unlikely that the Cavs will agree with your Kevin Love evaluation for the purpose of a trade.

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