2020 Expiring Contracts

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2020 Expiring Contracts 

Post#1 » by ToneLocc » Fri Feb 8, 2019 11:36 pm

The rebuild is well underway and Altman did what he could to add draft capital in the coming years. We're left with several players that could and/or will hold some value next trade deadline (2020). TT, Clarkson, Henson, Delly, and Knight will be playing on expiring contracts next season and all of these players are making at least 9 mil next year (most making well over that mark).

Of that group, is there anyone you'd like to hang onto through the 2020 trade deadline? Furthermore, would you guys want any of these players extended?

Personally, I'd like to see Thompson retained and extended. I have no idea if he or the organization feels the same way as me, but he's been a true pro for the Cavs this year and has really stepped up as a leader in this lost season. Delly may be another player with some value to the organization without much value elsewhere. He'd be a steady 3rd point guard for the Cavs if he was willing to accept a minimum contract.

Very curious to see how others feel about our roster moving forward.
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Re: 2020 Expiring Contracts 

Post#2 » by Stillwater » Sat Feb 9, 2019 12:03 am

I doubt it if TT is retained unless he wants to stay on a reduced deal after testing FA if the trade market is dried up. I mean If they haven't moved him by the dl it's probably a case where he did not keep playing next season like he did to start this season. They will probably do him a solid and send him somewhere not 3-5 years away from the playoffs.
I think Clarkson could be moved if the return is similar to Burks, but I also think they like him enough and he's young enough to remain a solid off the bench scorer and would likely take less money to keep that role here.
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Re: 2020 Expiring Contracts 

Post#3 » by jbk1234 » Sat Feb 9, 2019 2:35 am

I like TT but prefer to trade both him and Clarkson for prospects and/or picks. We don't need $65M in expiring contracts in 2020, so I'm fine taking back money for one more year.

We don't have to worry about trading Delly and Knight because no one is going to take them.

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