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Post#1 » by jbk1234 » Wed Mar 24, 2021 11:04 am

So there's noise out there that Altman is going to get fired, we're going to bring in a cap specialist from the Knicks who used to worked with the Cavs, and Gilbert's son is going to take over for his Dad in the not too distant future.

Gilbert apparently thinks that a play-in game was a fair expectation in year 3 of a rebuild. I think that's pretty absurd all things considered. I know that successful business people always set high expectations for their team, but they should be reasonable expectations.

When this rebuild started the Cavs, once again, didn't even have their own first and had traded away all their second round picks. They were saddled with JR and TT's deal. Their young players, after the draft, were Clarkson, Sexton, and Nance.

The Love contract is an obvious mistake in hindsight, and was a little heavy even at the time. Having acknowledged that, the best time to trade him would've been after the first half of last season, something that was made impossible by the hiring of Beilein, and I find it impossible to believe that Gilbert didn't have a hand that decision.

If you sign a player like Love, to a contract like that, with an eye towards turning him into a trade asset, then you don't start both Sexton and Garland, you don't let Sexton and TT take that many shots at Love's expense, and you definitely make adjustments before Love loses his ****.

There's nothing particularly perceptive about the Cavs TV and radio personnel. They all saw it coming. It was obvious. We should've been pumping up Love's trade value in an effort to move him. Instead we torpedoed it. The Beilein hiring, and his dismissive treatment of Love's legitimate complaints, was a key factor.

But I'm not sure that we missed on any picks nor that we've given them enough time to develop/evaluate. If you're not going to give guys three full seasons, then you just don't have the patience to rebuild. I mean it's one thing if a guy is a clear bust, but the overwhelming majority of players on the curve fall between the two extremes. Some of the best players in the NBA developed off the bench to begin their careers.

I'd be interested in knowing what the alternative plan would be if we're not going to build through the draft. Are we trading picks and young guys for vets now? I mean Garland and Okoro look a lot better than the 5 guys drafted after them. Maybe we don't have a franchise player yet, but there are worse places than where the Cavs are now.

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It is highly unlikely that the Cavs will agree with your Kevin Love evaluation for the purpose of a trade.
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Re: Gilbert/Altman/Rebuild 

Post#2 » by Stillwater » Wed Mar 24, 2021 1:53 pm

Aller wanted to leave the cavs behind though so although maybe the cavs still want him back in the building i dont buy hes either returning or that this would indicate altman is on the chopper if he was.
I think its some reporter speculating that the involvement of son of the owner gaining a foothold in his fathers empire and the cavs just being one small aspect of it fuels these types of changes to follow. I highly doubt Dan is giving full control to his son while hes still breathing...unless he has no say in it like the power of attorney thing has entered in. Unless the iron fist comes walking through the front door to claim his entitlement id expect this is almost nothing at least for now. I personally dont think Altman is the fall guy

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Re: Gilbert/Altman/Rebuild 

Post#3 » by JonFromVA » Wed Mar 24, 2021 2:36 pm

jbk1234 wrote:So there's noise out there that Altman is going to get fired, we're going to bring in a cap specialist from the Knicks who used to worked with the Cavs, and Gilbert's son is going to take over for his Dad in the not too distant future.

If you're referring to the Yahoo sports article, I'm not even sure it rises to the level of "noise" .vs. just some speculating on what might happen if Altman is fired.

It's certainly possible that as Grant becomes more involved in decision making regarding Dan's businesses that he may re-evaluate some of his Dad's choices. For instance, It's always possible he might value experience more than his Dad, but that's just 100% speculation.

If they thought enough of Altman to give him the job in the first place and even give him an extension, he deserves more time to see how his rebuild goes. I just take issue with constantly hiring people who need to learn on the job, but Dan doesn't like hiring people who've already "failed" somewhere else; and people who've had success don't like working for someone that lacks the patience to stick to a plan and see it through.

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