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Post#21 » by LoveThemCavs » Thu Jan 17, 2008 11:46 pm

Buckeye-NBAFan wrote:-= original quote snipped =-

If you're in Ohio, you should get the Cavs on basic cable. I know here in Columbus, they show Blue Jacket hockey games on FSN, but Time Warner Connection or GTN or something should carry it. For central Ohio Time Warner, ch 24 carries the games if a hockey game is on.

They do show the Cavs some, but its not as much as it use to be. It's over-run with the Blue Jackets. I have Time Warner and I've searched every channel on my package to no avail when they play the NHL instead. I do live in Ohio also. I'm thankful the game tonight is on TNT. I'm about to switch to DirectTV though, so hopefully that eliminates this problem altogether.

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