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Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 4:59 pm
by Basketball Jesus ... 0234.shtml

Peavy struck out nine consecutive hitters against Arizona _ one short of Tom Seaver's major league record _ and 16 in seven innings, but Stephen Drew hit a two-out, two-run homer against Trevor Hoffman to beat the San Diego Padres 3-2 Wednesday night.

Somebody come hang out here, please?

Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2007 4:25 pm
by Snakebites
Lol, first post here in weeks.

Jake Peavy has been an absolute GOD so far, which is a big relief given his frequent struggles last season.

Will he actually stay healthy and entire season this year? He's rapidly becoming the AK47 of the NL.

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 7:29 am
by meatball sub
Dude, for real...are there any Padres fans? Anywhere?

I went to San Diego once, it's beautiful. I guess I wouldn't post here either if I lived there.

But to stay on topic...Jake Peavy >>>> Anyone whoever stepped on a mound.

Posted: Sun Jul 1, 2007 3:02 pm
by Boston's Future
This kid is simply amazing. He's gonna run away with the NL Cy Young Award with 20 wins, way over 200k's and an ERA around 2.00. My question is, how come he was so mediocre last year?

Posted: Mon Jul 9, 2007 10:01 pm
by biggmike24
Can't wait to see Peavy in the ASG tonight! He's about to put himself, and SD, on the national radar in a big way.

Posted: Mon Jul 9, 2007 10:13 pm
by Black Jesus 1
Definitely deserved it, guy is lights out along with his teammate, Chris Young.