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Prior a Padre

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 11:55 pm
by Snakebites

Well, he wont be able to pitch at all for the first few months and may not ever get close to his old form, but at 1 million for one year (with incentives could bring it as high as 3 million) its tough to argue with the price.

At worst he's 1 mill in wasted money, at best he's a solid and inexpensive one year rental who will seek bigger bucks elseware next season. The cheapness of the deal indicates that faith in his recovery is pretty low on the open market, and the fact that the big spending Cubbies cut him lose isnt a great sign either.

But hey, the price is right. A rotation of Peavy, Young, Maddux, Prior and Wolfe would be awesome if health permits. That may well prove to be an insurmountable 'if' though.

Also, funny to think how huge landing Edmonds and Prior in the same month would have been viewed only a few offseasons ago.

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 1:15 am
by Basketball Jesus
This is the kind of low-risk high-reward gambles that successful franchises make. At worst, he's a sunk cost, at best he gives you an abbreviated season like 2005 but coming in the stretch run.

Given the hulking up of rotations in the NL West, this was a very, very smart deal.

Now contrast that with the $48MM Bill Bavasi gave Carlos Silva...

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 3:11 am
by Snakebites
^Thats very true. Every time I start getting really down on the Pads for not spending, I look at a deal like that and think to myself that if it was my money I wouldnt spend it on that **** either.

Seems like a 48 mill contract can be had for just about anybody who can stand up straight on the mound these days. Position players arent much better, with Rowand getting 60 mill and Guillen, days before getting busted landing 3 years at 12 mill per.

A team like the Padres cant do much other than moves like the Prior move these days, not at those prices. The fact that we've gotten burned over the years on contracts like Giles, Klesko, and Nevin doesnt help matters, either.

But yeah, cant help but like this move, simply because of the upside of a guy like Prior and the relative smallness of the investment.