Who Will Emerge As The Team's #3 Scoring Option This Season?

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Re: Who Will Emerge As The Team's #3 Scoring Option This Season? 

Post#21 » by SOUNDCHASER » Wed Sep 4, 2019 12:40 am

Strength and attitude is exactly why you play Boban next to KP to start the game and smash the other team in the mouth with dominating size insuring that the rim is completely protected so nobody has a free path to the basket.

With DeLon defending the other teams PG's and being the top defender of the perimeter and with Luka and Seth tearing it up on the offensive end of the floor we could start every game by getting up 20 points on the other team by the end of the 1st quarter.

The fire power this team has now is unstoppable our only weakness is on the perimeter defense we put out there and with better 3 point shooting we could simply out shoot the other team with Seth KP and Luka dropping in 3's far more consistently.

ho do you guard with those 3 scoring at will. They can dump it inside to Boban or a streaking Powell for the easy lob and nobody is looking for it with the defense stretched to cover Seth and KP on the 3 point line. DeLon has the athletic ability to punish teams with drives to the basket and he may get back to 36% from 3 this season.

The PNR game the inside out game whatever you want to throw at the other team its going to work most of the time and that will allow us to relax a little and coast during parts of the game when the 2nd team is in there.

If the starters are who I already mentioned above then we have the deepest bench in the league so we probably will extend the lead when the bench is in the game.

Brunson Barea
THJ Ryan Lee
Jackson DFS

If either rookie develops into something then we are going to be able to trade someone and make moves to get a 3rd stud. All we have to do is wait and that piece is going to come our way and then we are the contender that will be around for many many years just like GSW was.
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Re: Who Will Emerge As The Team's #3 Scoring Option This Season? 

Post#22 » by Fuerza1 » Yesterday 9:38 pm

If we want a successful season (at least .500), I think we need Brunson or Jackson to be the 3rd scoring option; they offer the most upside given their youth. Brunson has a better chance but it may not come this year.

My guess is that it will be more of a 3rd scorer by committee. Possibly multiple guys in that 12-14 ppg range neck-and-neck with one another. I'd rank it Brunson; THJ; Seth; Powell; Jackson.

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