Young & Prime Dirk Nowitzki Highlights Compilations

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Young & Prime Dirk Nowitzki Highlights Compilations 

Post#1 » by pandahank41 » Mon Sep 9, 2019 7:59 am

Hey Mavs fans, I recently made two highlight videos on young and prime Dirk.

Please give them a watch when you have the time and feel free to share to other fans who might not have watched Dirk in the 2000's.

I noticed that a lot of young NBA fans tend to disrespect Dirk because they never got to watch young and prime Dirk play basketball. For example, someone was saying Dirk was just a jump shooter.
Most of the young fans don't know how athletic and agile Dirk was during the 2000's, as there are very few clips on the internet.
Almost 90% of the Dirk highlight videos on youtube are from post 2011 to late 2010's.

So I made these two videos with the intention of showcasing how dominant and unguardable Dirk was during his younger playing days.
Thank you and hopefully you guys will enjoy the videos :)

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