Changing my view on our chances

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Changing my view on our chances 

Post#1 » by BlueSan » Sat Apr 24, 2021 5:51 pm

I just saw Willie's headband in the press conf.

We got this...

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Re: Changing my view on our chances 

Post#2 » by KhalilS » Sat Apr 24, 2021 5:58 pm

What is that???
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Re: Changing my view on our chances 

Post#3 » by SOUNDCHASER » Sat Apr 24, 2021 9:30 pm

We should not lose another game the rest of the season and it should translate into massive momentum to gain the 5th seed and a more winnable matchup with Denver who I believe we can handle.

If we do that and face another team we can handle in Utah I think we can go to the WCF. If we stay healthy and peak at the right time then there is no stopping us.

There are a lot of injuries hitting teams that we could face and so we may have an opportunity to take advantage of some lucky situations and sneak into the finals.

I hate to win things that way but I see other teams that have done it and they seem to sleep ok.

I say we need to play every game as if it is a must win game from here on out. Practice time is over this is time to win at all costs. We have a great roster with depth at the most important positions of PG and C. Our shooting has looked better over the second half of the season and we have depth enough to rest players when we need to.

Starters: Luka, KP, DFS, J Rich, WCS are all looking good and Brunson and THJ look like they are starters by how they produce.

Who is going to get the call to step it up and be that critical 8th piece we rely on?

Kleber: If Kleber can regain his shooting touch and become a key contributor this team will have what it takes to win a ring. We need him to get hot with his 3 pointers and that happens if he gets some confidence going. We need some psychiatric wizard to do some magic on him. Maybe all we need to do is give him the ball and let him shoot with a green light so he knows we believe in him. If I were RC I would focus on getting Kleber shooting much better.

Boban: He can spell any of the bigs and give us a great performance every once in a while. Managing the defense with him on the floor could be done more effectively if we paired him with other starters to rest either KP or WCS. So if Kleber is not going to join the party I would much rather the team give Boban the minutes than to let Powell play when we know he cannot defend other bigs.

Playoffs will see us facing up with teams that have talented bigs that would destroy Powell and Boban has had great games against Denver in the past.

Powell has his uses it is just that we need to look at what he can do against bigs that he will face in the play offs and understand his limitations. If he is limited to play against matchups that benefit us I am ok with letting him play some. RC just always lets him stay on the court way to long when we have others who could do a better job.

Redick: He has gotten a lot of time lately and he looked like a veteran out there so he may get called on when others start to show signs of cooling off or never catching fire at all. J Rich needs to get hot early or get replaced by Redick, that is what I think. Yeah defense is needed but JR needs to be more effective on offense to keep his minutes if you ask me. Redick has a 3 point % that means you want him playing more so I hope he can show us that guy.

Trey Burke: He lit it up in the play offs last year and could show signs of doing it again and if he does we can at least run with him till he shows signs that he has run out of gas. In limited usage he can be a problem for other defenses and I think RC knows how to use that kind of guy.

The starters will use up most of the minutes anyway, along with THJ and Brunson so if I were to bet on who is going to play the most minutes to qualify as that 8th player I would expect to see Redick as our 8th man unlessa if Klebel turns it up and we start seeing him hit more 3's. Even then Redick has a better shot and can hit a higher % from 3 so I would bet on Redick more than seeing Kleber stepping up to fill that role.

Boban will be needed so we need to start getting him acclimated to more minutes during these last few games. His size is something other teams cannot deal with and he could force other teams into early foul trouble which is always a strategic advantage worth gaining.

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