Mavs 2020/2021 season summary and grades

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Mavs 2020/2021 season summary and grades 

Post#1 » by KhalilS » Sun Jun 6, 2021 11:07 pm

Now that the season is over, time for summary and grades for the season.
The season started off horribly, slow start, followed by DFS, Maxi, JRich and DPowell out for few games with COVID, and didn't get back fully healthy, the low point was 9-14, KP came back very rusty, very hesitant, horrible on defense, OK on offense, but wasn't really involved, didn't really fit, NYK pick watch was getting more and more exciting.
Mavs started winning and getting closer to 50% record, and as the schedule became easier the record improved, Mavs got lucky facing the Nets once without KD/Kyrie and once without Harden, won both, beat the Lakers twice, once without LBJ/AD and once with very rusty AD, ended the season at 5th place, without COVID it's safe to say they would've finished with HCA.
Facing off the Clippers in the 1st round in 7 game series that was as wild as a series can be, with Luka playing out of his mind, they won 1st 2 games on the road, were up 19 in game 3, but had a mekltdown that changed the seires from clear sweep, to heart breaking 7 game series loss, with little help, Luka was constantly gassed in the 4th, either barely squeak a win or lose, in game 7, they were up 5 in the 3rd, went down by 18 (IIRC), pulled within 7 with 4 minutes to go, but lost in the end.
Luka has made PatBev, Rondo and Zubac unplayable, and it took amazing performance from Reggie Jackson, Nicholas Batum and Terrance Mann, in addition to the Clippers 2 superstar, mainly Leonard with historic performance, to go down.
With his back against the wall, RC went with a desperation lineup of Boban/KP that almost won him the series.

The Good:
Luka -- what an amazing player, he toyed with Clippers guards and Zubac, forced the team to try million ways to stop him, and still put up historic numbers for the series, IMO, the best player to enter this league since LBJ.
DFS -- A true lion heart, fearless, and will do anything for the team, a limited player, but a keeper nonetheless, not a starter material, but can start if the rest of the 4 is good enough (Mavs starting 5 wasn't).

The OK:
THJ -- A streaky shooter, who accepted 6th man role gracefully, fit well with the team, sometimes tries to do more than he should, but it's usually when the whole team is stuck, not out of selfishness, a keeper for the right price, him cooling down in the series will help the negotiations.
Brunson -- Very smart player, strong, but slow, in the series against eh Clippers athletic backcourt was useless, not a PG, the offense looks very stagnant with him, he's actually better fit to start next to Luka, shoot and attack from the weakside.
WCS -- Very good backup center, defends, rolls on offense, crashes the boards, has butter fingers, and misses too many dunks, but more than fine for a 3rd center, Mvs should keep one of the 2, Boban or WCS.
Powell -- improved a lot in the second half, good hustle player who fits well with Luka, overpaid, but no longer a dead body.
Maxi -- Hustle player, who provide good defense and intangibles, not a starter material, but can start if the rest of the 4 is good enough (Mavs starting 5 wasn't)
Boban -- a huge offensive advantage, huge liability on defense, well loved by the team, I'd bring him back for the vet min but he may get better offers somewhere else.

The bad:
KP -- huge regression on defense, passive on offense, has issue with Luka dominating the ball on offense, a real conundrum.
JRich -- not good enough of defender to justify his bad offense, not good enough of ball handler or finisher around the rim, not good enough of a shooter
Rookies -- bad choices, Green taken instead of the clearly better Bey for no clear reason, is too raw to contribute, missing out on Celtics giving out the pick that landed Bane, Tyrell Terry, who the Mavs lucked into his pick with AOL, Tyler Bey is too talentless to translate his size and athletecism into meaningful contribution, also a clearly better player like Tillman was still on board.

IMO, sorted by priority, the Mavs need to become a contender:
A point guard who can create off the dribble, and take the load off Luka with the second unit, Brunson alone is nowhere near enough, Mike Conely is great, depends how Jazz fare this season will determine whether they'll retain him, CJ McCollum is also good offensively, Lowery is too old to fit Mavs timeline.
A big guard who can defend, Aaron Gordon or OG type of player, don't know who they can target, trust in Tyler Bey? Otto Porter Junior?
Upgrade of Dwight Powell tp Richaun Holmes/Nerlens Nowel.
A better shooting guard than JRich on both ends, since these aren't available or cheap, at least one end, I think Buddy Hield is good option since he's overpaid and can be had for expiring/better contract.

Lots of things will depend on the value they can get for KP, whcih doesn't look too great.
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Re: Mavs 2020/2021 season summary and grades 

Post#2 » by Absinthe » Mon Jun 7, 2021 2:09 am

D. A grading of D.

DFS is showing no improvement and has no business being a starter. Refuses to drive the ball and is essentially a spot up shooter. Averages less than ten points a game and is starting in an NBA team in 2021. He’s been set up to fail. He is what he is and he isn’t a starter.

THJ. Streaky shooter who plays zero defense. If the Mavs give him a huge contract they’re going to get burned. A less boneheaded JR Smith.

Maxi. A redundancy. Way too similar to DFS and as equally one dimensional. Tries hard on defense but only serves as a spot up shooter. Has no business starting on a modern NBA team.

WCS. Good value for the money. Seems to try hard and is one of the few players on the team who seemingly has grit. Has a solid role on the team and I would keep him around.

Brunson. Inconsistent but shows promise. He will never be a great defender but I think he could be a solid bench player moving forward.

Porzingis. Overpaid. Has major attitude and effort issues. Plays a foot or more smaller than his actual size. Has either lost a step on defense or simply doesn’t care. Huge regression from last season. Constant injury concern. Bad fit in practice, good fit on paper. Time to move on.

Luka. Generational talent. There’s not a single player in the league I would want to build around more.

Carlisle. Probably got this team to overperform in both the regular season and playoffs. He’s constantly maligned here but I can’t think of another coach who would get the same results with this roster. He’s been hampered with a terrible line up of players. Sure, he doesn’t play rookies and he has questionable rotations, but he’s been given the mediocre hand he’s been dealt.

Front office: perhaps the worst in the league other than the Kings. Constantly strikes out in free agency. Bad trades. Rondo trade. Porzingis trade. Highly questionable drafting other than Luka. Remained content with an obviously lacking roster even though Orlando was practically auctioning off all their talent. Should be looking to overturn most of the roster, but will be reluctant to because they’d have to admit that this assembly of talent is lacking and they put it together.

Final conclusion:

The entire team is expendable other than Luka.
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Re: Mavs 2020/2021 season summary and grades 

Post#3 » by daoneandonly » Mon Jun 7, 2021 11:35 am

Only Luka and DFS deserve A grades in my opinion. Porzingis and J-Rich suck, and Brunson is vastly overrated.
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Re: Mavs 2020/2021 season summary and grades 

Post#4 » by dirkforpres » Mon Jun 14, 2021 4:11 pm

The season was a D at best.

Luka was an A+.. the only guy that actually brought it every single night.
DFS, Brunson, and Kleber were B’s.
Porzingis was a C. Happy he avoided any major injuries, but consistency and intensity were nowhere to be found

Everyone else deserves an F… Rookies were non-factors, Richardson was trash all year, coaching was a joke, front office did nothing at any point, and Cuban doesn’t even care anymore as long as Dogecoin and Shark Tank are doing ok.

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